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Berke ATS Integrations

Identify top candidates faster when you connect HighMatch to your Applicant Tracking System.

Automatically invite candidates to take an assessment, and view scores and reports directly inside your ATS.

Integrating Berke with Your ATS has a number of benefits, including:

Simplify Processes

Integrating Berke with your ATS means there is one less system for your team to log into and learn. Send assessment invitations and view reports, without leaving your ATS.

Automate Your Screening

By integrating your ATS with Berke, you can easily sort candidates by Job Fit Score and prioritize outreach, or use this score to automatically screen out poor-fit candidates.

hire confidently

Make more informed hiring decisions with HighMatch data integrated into candidate profiles. Job fit ratings coupled with descriptive reviews help you hire confidently.

HighMatch has solutions in place for these Applicant Tracking Systems:

Supported ATS Solutions

Don’t see your ATS? We can support any smaller ATS’ through one of two ways:

Your Tech Team can build a custom connector

You can use HighMatch’s API, webhooks, and personalization tools to deliver scores and HighMatch reports to your system. HighMatch’s integration suite is secure, well-documented, and easily mastered using industry-standard tools your Tech Team already knows.

Our Services team can build a connector for you

If technology resources are in high demand – and they always are – our Services team can build a custom connector for you.  We can also work with one of our strategic implementation partners to set-up an out-of-the-box connection if your needs are more standard. 

Download our
‘Hiring Efficiency’ Fact Sheet

Between posting the job, reviewing resumes, pre-screening candidates and then interviewing them, hiring can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you have other competing responsibilities.

Download our Hiring Efficiency Fact Sheet for additional facts around the true opportunity cost related to hiring, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can help improve your hiring efficiency and put time back on your schedule by filtering our poor-fit candidates early in the process.

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