Situational Judgement Test

Our situational judgement test provides insights on each candidate’s ability to handle the challenges of their role appropriately in the context of your organization.

HighMatch’s Situational Judgement Test

Our situational judgement test is built from the ground up for your organization’s roles and tests candidates on the specific situations you want to have insights for.

Using this assessment, your organization can directly assess relevant job behaviors based on the candidate’s responses. This helps you quickly identify which candidates can handle the challenges of their role and which can’t.

This assessment can be integrated as part of your screening process, used to highlight areas of development for employees, or combined with our other assessments to provide a holistic view of a candidate’s fit for the job.

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How Does It Work?

The situational judgement test provides applicants with a work problem or situation specific to your organization and asks them to identify how they would handle it. Because the test is built from scenarios specific to your organization, our situational judgement test provides insights that are directly reflective of how well the candidate can handle the role.  

We start by meeting with your team to identify and understand your organization’s specific challenges and needs. From there, our team of expert workplace psychologists creates a suite of questions that can effectively assess for the insights your organization needs.

Our situational judgement test can be provided on its own or as part of a larger assessment solution such as HighMatch Assess.

Use Situational Judgment Testing When:

  • Job scenarios have dire consequences if handled inappropriately
  • The role requires very specific responses to every day responsibilities
  • Success in the role is based on the candidate’s ability to evaluate and respond to situations correctly

Great for positions in:

  • Customer Service
  • Call Centers
  • Nursing
  • Banking
  • Project Management

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Job Previews

Each situational judgement test also acts as a job preview which reduces churn and manages candidate expectations around the role.

  • Job previews are an overview of the role that provide the candidate insights on the day-to-day responsibilities of the position. Our situational judgement tests act as job previews by providing real on-the-job scenarios to candidates.

  • Job previews reduce churn. With a job preview, you significantly lower the chances of employees walking out on day one.

  • Job previews set expectations. A job preview helps candidates inform themselves on the responsibilities of their position so they aren’t caught off guard by the needs of their role.

We Have Experience in Your Sector

Customer Service: Customer service is the face of your company, so it’s critical they make a good impression. Situational judgement tests help identify candidates who possess the attention to detail and empathy needed to represent your brand.

Healthcare: We have 15+ years of experience partnering with hospitals, physicians offices, and clinics. Our situational judgement test helps identify candidates that can operate well under pressure and provide consistent, high-quality service.

Leadership: When it comes to the leadership of your business, there’s no room for mistakes. Situational judgement helps you understand which candidates have what it takes to solve management dilemmas and grow your organization.

Build a Competitive Advantage

We can build our situational judgement assessment around your brand, allowing you to easily identify candidates that naturally resonate with your organization’s voice and tone.

By choosing these candidates, your organization can shape its image around the specific traits your employees share and build a lasting reputation with customers.

They Trust Us

We are pleased to call some of the largest companies in the world our clients. They include:


Wayne Homes uses HighMatch to Identify Qualified Applicants

Hear from Michael Luckie-Ewing, former VP of People and Culture at Wayne Homes, a custom home builder serving 5 states for over 40 years.

Michael and his team used HighMatch to better filter applicants for the qualities and skills that contribute to success across every role in their organization.

Buyer’s Guide

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It’s an objective, downloadable report created by our team of Industrial & Organizational (I/O) psychologists that outlines what to consider when evaluating assessment vendors.

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