Sample Assessment Reports

Our sample assessment reports provide an in-depth look at the relevant and actionable insights our solutions offer your organization.

Types of HighMatch Sample Assessment Reports:

job fit report

Job Fit Reports measure how well a person fits a given role based on the role’s Job Profile. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why that’s the case.

Candidates with a high Job Fit stay with your organization longer, work more productively, and have higher morale.

participant reports

Participant Reports are non-technical, positive, and friendly. These reports are useful for coaching and team building, or as an incentive to complete the assessment.

Participant Reports are intended to be shared with the person being assessed and can open up discussions about areas of development.

Interview guide

Interview Guides are personalized to each person and role and provide questions that help you conduct consistent interviews and see beyond the resume.

With Interview Guides, hiring managers find it easier to pick the best talent consistently and efficiently.

Spotlight Report

Spotlight Reports provide a personalized breakdown of how a candidate ranks on a scale of core qualities with a descriptive summary for context.

Spotlight Reports help you understand candidates and develop your team by providing insights on their natural traits, talents, and preferences.

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