Sample Reports

HighMatch reports provide critical insights at every stage of the interview process.

HighMatch Platform Packaged Reports include:

job fit report

Employees whose talents and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, happier, and stay longer.

A Job Fit Report measures the fit between a job and a person. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why that’s the case.

participant reports

Participant Reports are reports intended to be shared with the candidate or employee.

Participant Report content is non-technical, positive, and friendly. You will find it useful for coaching and team building, or as an incentive to complete the assessment.

Interview guide

Conducting a great interview is critical to identifying the right person for a job.

An Interview Guide is customized to each person and job. It helps you ask questions and get to know the candidate beyond their resume and conduct consistent interviews

Spotlight Report

Understanding a person’s natural traits and talents is critical to relationship building.

A Spotlight Reports provides both a personalized breakdown of how a candidate ranks on a scale based on core qualities as well as a descriptive summary for context

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