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Microsoft Office

HighMatch offers a suite of Microsoft Office skills tests for the most popular MS Office applications, built from the ground up for mobile to deliver the best possible candidate and recruiter experience.

The HighMatch Difference

There are a number of vendors offering hard skills testing for Microsoft Office applications.  What makes HighMatch’s solution unique is it’s fast, accessible and fully customizable, from scoring to messaging to overall length, and it is built specifically for mobile, with SMS invitations and assessments which can be taken entirely on a mobile device.

Why That Matters

Adding a long, generic skills test that can only be taken on a laptop or desktop to the hiring process can lead to qualified candidates dropping out of your funnel.  In tight job markets, that’s simply not an option. 

Our Microsoft Office skill tests are also fully ADA/WGAC-2 compliant, so you ensure your hiring process is accessible to all potential candidates.

Microsoft Office Skills Tests

This 34 question test measures a candidate’s proficiency in MS Excel, including:

  • Worksheets and workbooks
  • Data cells and ranges 
  • Tables and table data 
  • Charts
  • Formulas & functions

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This 36 question test measures a candidate’s  proficiency in MS PowerPoint, including:

  • Presentations and slides
  • Formatting text, shapes and images
  • Inserting tables & charts
  • Inserting SmartArt & media
  • Applying transitions & animations

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This 36 question test measures a candidate’s  proficiency in MS WORD, including:

  • Managing documents
  • Formatting text
  • Paragraphs and sections
  • Labels, lists and graphical elements
  • Document collaboration

Learn more about the MS Word test


Candidate Experience

At HighMatch, response rate and completion rate are features, not goals. Which means the candidate experience is always at the forefront of everything we build.  

Our MS Office skills tests are no exception, with a suite of features geared towards ensuring the highest possible response and completion rate, including: 

  • SMS Invitations 
  • SMS Reminders
  • Short Assessments
  • Support Available
  • Timer & Progress Bar

But why take our word for it?

Take a sample survey today of a single test or all three, and experience for yourself how simple and easy it is to take a HighMatch Microsoft Office skills test.


Benefits Include:

High Response Rates

HighMatch invitations are sent via both SMS & Email, so you can be sure they are receiving it.

Fully Customized for You

Every aspect of this test can be customized, from weighting and scoring, invitations and length.

High Completion Rates

Assessments that are built for mobile consumption have much higher completion rates.

Personalized Reporting

Stakeholders across the organization can personalize candidate reporting via custom filters 

Insights Delivered Quickly

Get candidate reports with scores instantly by email following assessment completion.

Accessible & Inclusive

HighMatch skills tests are fully ADA/WGAC-2 compliant, insuring an inclusive hiring process.

About the Writers

These MS Office tests have been developed by expert Microsoft Office technical writers who previously developed content for Microsoft directly, and possess a strong pedigree of understanding of the testing market.

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