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Sales Skills

Our sales skills test library helps sales leaders understand a candidate’s knowledge of the basic skills necessary to be successful in Sales, including sales behaviors, competencies, operations and skills.

HighMatch Sales Skills Test Library

HighMatch’s Services team made up of Industrial & Organizational psychologists have identified a number of relevant role-based skill tests for candidates in Sales positions based on prior experience with clients in the space.

  • Call Center Inbound Sales Skills: A candidate who successfully completes this test will have demonstrated a well-versed knowledge of call center sales, service, operations, and procedures
  • Sales Concepts: The Sales Concepts assessment was created to assess the skill level of a sales representative. It can be used in any sales industry as it covers the basic skills needed to be successful in sales 
  • Sales Indicator Assessment: The Sales Indicator Assessment focuses on the test takers likelihood to engage in behaviors that lead to successful sales performance
  • Sales Manager Selector: Selector focused on key competencies related to management success
  • Writing Sample – Email: This test displays the writer’s ability to respond to any informal email request, set in a professional environment. The final sample, in email form, will provide an idea of the writer’s skill level in communicating information while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism
  • Writing Sample – Sales: This test shows the writer’s ability to compose a short, persuasive letter. The final sample will provide an idea of the writer’s skill level in crafting a short sales oriented letter.

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HighMatch Foundational Skills Tests

Certain skills are foundational to specific discipline, in that someone applying for a role needs to have some level of expertise in these skills as a baseline to even be considered qualified as a candidate. In sales roles, these foundational skills include:

  • Basic Office Skills: This test measures basic math and verbal skills. Topics include basic Math (adding numbers, subtracting fractions), Business Math (business related word problems), Filing Skills (recognizing alphabetical order), Grammar, and Spelling
  • Basic Reading Comprehension: This test examines a person’s ability to draw important information from written material. Test takers are asked to read text passages and answer questions, identify words based on how they are used in a sentence, and determine whether a statement is a fact or an opinion
  • Business Etiquette: This test assesses the manners and behaviors required in the workplace. Topics covered include Client Etiquette, Effective Communication, Professional Appearance, Social Communication, Phone Etiquette, Office Ethics, and Professional Correspondence. It’s appropriate for any applicant, from entry level to executive level, that is required to know appropriate business behaviors
  • Business Writing: This test assesses a person’s abilities in brainstorming, proper grammar, organization skills, and vocabulary
  • Microsoft ExcelFast, mobile assessment that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-200 Excel 365/2019 Certification
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Fast, mobile test that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-300 Powerpoint 365/2019 Certification
  • Microsoft WordFast, mobile test that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-100 Word 365/2019 Certification

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Customizable MS Office Testing

HighMatch’s suite of Microsoft Office skills tests are fully ADA / WCAG-2 compliant for accessibility and accommodation, is fully customizable and built from the ground up for mobile.

They feature SMS invitations and reminders, a mobile-optimized candidate experience and the ability to customize the questions, scoring and reporting to your specific needs.

Tests include:

These tests were written by expert technical writers with 20+ years of experience, including developing content directly for Microsoft, and have been rigorously tested by our in-house team of I/O psychologists with a large group of professional users.

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HighMatch’s Sales Skills Test Library

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