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Education Roles

Our education skills test library helps talent teams and search committees understand a candidate’s knowledge of the principals and software commonly found in the education sector.

HighMatch Education Skills Test Library

HighMatch’s Services team made up of industrial & organizational psychologists have identified a number of relevant role-based skill tests for candidates in education positions on prior experience with clients in the space.

Colleges & Universities

  • Clerical Proofreading: assesses the skill level of the test taker in identifying errors in text, tables and lists. It is intended for those with some experience with proofing
  • Microsoft Excel: Fast, mobile assessment that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-200 Excel 365/2019 Certification
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Fast, mobile test that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-300 Powerpoint 365/2019 Certification
  • Microsoft Word: Fast, mobile test that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-100 Word 365/2019 Certification

K-12 Schools

  • Algebra: This test is appropriate for people who have a strong understanding algebra with an emphasis on simplifying and solving equations. Topics include basic algebra principles, linear equations, systems of equations and inequalities, exponents, monomials, polynomials, relations and quadratic equations, and rational expressions.
  • Basic Arithmetic: This test assesses a person’s ability to manage basic mathematical calculations and estimations. The topics covered include adding, subtracting, rounding, estimating sums, and estimating differences.
  • English Comprehension: This test measures English vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension skills.
  • Math and Reasoning Skills: This test covers percentages, multiplication, fractions, word problems, patterns, and comparisons. This assessment would be appropriate to give to any person who needs to use math and/or reasoning skills on a regular basis.
  • Math Word Problems: This test aims at evaluating an individual’s skill in interpreting and solving math word problems. Topics include purchase orders, travel expenses, algebra, percentages, and ratios.
  • Reading Comprehension: This test examines a person’s ability to draw important information from written material. The material covered includes passages on an environmental cause, a medical procedure, stock market charts, legal regulations, corporate trends, science, and historical architecture. These topics were chosen to expose a person to a variety of writing styles.

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HighMatch Foundational Skills Tests

Certain skills are foundational to a specific discipline, in that someone applying for a role needs to have some level of expertise in these skills as a baseline to even be considered qualified as a candidate. In education roles, these foundational skills include:

  • Basic Computer Literacy: This simulation measures knowledge of general computer terminology, processes, and applications and the ability to perform certain operations. This simulation consists of both multiple choice and simulation-based questions, and includes the following topics: Application Software, Computer Terms, Internet and Email, Managing Files, Operating System, and Parts of the Computer.
  • Email Etiquette: designed to determine a candidate’s knowledge of email etiquette – from very basic questions to advanced ones. It covers a range of topics from email policy to email structure
  • Grammar and Spelling: this test measures candidate’s knowledge of spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and word usage
  • Internet Basics: this test for Internet Basics aims at assessing the level at which the test taker has developed skills in regards to Internet usage as well as navigation

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Customizable MS Office Testing

HighMatch’s suite of Microsoft Office skills tests are fully ADA / WCAG-2 compliant for accessibility and accommodation, is fully customizable and built from the ground up for mobile.

They feature SMS invitations and reminders, a mobile-optimized candidate experience and the ability to customize the questions, scoring and reporting to your specific needs.

Tests include:

These tests were written by expert technical writers with 20+ years of experience, including developing content directly for Microsoft, and have been rigorously tested by our in-house team of I/O psychologists with a large group of professional users.

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HighMatch’s Education Skills Test Library

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