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The average job attracts more than 250 applicants— 75% of whom are not qualified for the role. Even with a dedicated talent team, reviewing every applicant efficiently is challenging.

HighMatch Can Help

HighMatch Screen helps automate your recruiting process by identifying the candidates that don’t align with your organization’s needs. HighMatch Screen has support for various ATS integrations, allowing you to easily add it to your workflow.

When combined with our spotlight reports and interview guides, you’ll have everything you need to make the best hiring decision and the time to do it.

The True Cost of Overloaded Applicant Pools:

average number of days of a typical interview process 

Average Number of hours required to screen candidates for a role

Candidates lost during a prolonged screening process

How HighMatch Helps You Improve Your Recruiting Process

  • Assess: Our assessments are fast, predictive, and highly accurate, which helps you quickly see which candidates are a great fit
  • Screen: Using Screen-out you can automatically filter out low-fit candidates and free up time for your team
  • Consult: Our expert workplace psychologists offer a number of personalized services to match your specific business needs

How Does it Work?

You reach out and schedule a meeting with a member of our team and then we help you find a solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Our solutions are all crafted by our team of expert workplace psychologists and can help you identify the traits, aptitudes, and hard skills that define success in your organization.

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  • Job Profiles: We create job profiles based on your organization and role-specific needs that measure how likely candidates are to succeed
  • Assessments: Our assessments can measure behavioral traits, cognitive aptitudes, and a wide variety of hard skills. Each assessment is backed by the latest workplace psychology research and is designed by our team of psychologists.
  • Interview Playbooks: Our Interview Playbooks are personalized for each candidate and act as a tool for providing consistent interviews that dive deep into both potential issues and strengths

They Trust HighMatch

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‘Recruiter Efficiency’ Fact Sheet

Between posting the job, reviewing resumes, pre-screening candidates and then interviewing them, recruiting can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you have other competing responsibilities.

Download our Recruiting Efficiency Fact Sheet for additional facts around the true opportunity cost related to hiring, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can help improve your hiring efficiency and put time back on your schedule by filtering out poor-fit candidates early in the process.


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