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The average job attracts more than 250 applicants, 75% of whom are not qualified for the role. Reviewing these resumes without an efficient recruiting process can be challenging, even with a dedicated Talent team.

HighMatch Can Help

HighMatch’s Talent Insights Platform can help automate your recruiting process by identifying those candidates whose innate traits do not align with the role or your company’s culture. When combined with an ATS, you can automatically screen out those unqualified candidates.

You get more time back to focus on those high quality candidates in your pipeline, and with our spotlight reports and interview guides, you’ll have the insights you need to make the right hiring decision.

The True Cost of Candidate Overload:

average number of days of a typical interview process 

Average Number of hours required to screen candidates for a role

Candidates lost during a prolonged screening process

Features & Benefits That Help You Improve Your Recruiting Process

HighMatch’s pre-employment test work to help you make better hiring decisions with a number of features and benefits, including:

  • Hiring Profiles: We believe you know what qualities are most important. Our hiring profiles leverage a role-based template, which we then customize based on those qualities. You get a filtered list of candidates that align with your role and culture
  • Fit Score: Candidates are scored based on the ranges defined in the hiring profile that in turn roll up into a single score. This data can be used to filter your pipeline, and when combined with an ATS, can automatically eliminate poor fit candidates
  • Services: Our services team, made up of workplace psychologists, can partner with you to further refine your pipeline filter using employee benchmarking, which identifies and applies those qualities shared by your best performing employees

Download our
‘Recruiter Efficiency’ Fact Sheet

Between posting the job, reviewing resumes, pre-screening candidates and then interviewing them, recruiting can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you have other competing responsibilities.

Download our Recruiting Efficiency Fact Sheet for additional facts around the true opportunity cost related to hiring, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can help improve your hiring efficiency and put time back on your schedule by filtering out poor-fit candidates early in the process.


They Trust HighMatch:

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How to Scale Your Virtual Hiring Process with Confidence

Finding a scalable and efficient way to choose which candidate to hire isn’t easy. Fortunately, pre-hire assessments that measure fundamental traits and abilities, job-relevant skillsets, or reactions to ‘day in the life’ custom scenarios can drastically reduce time-to-fill metrics…

How Does it Work?

Choose from HighMatch’s packaged assessments or create a customized assessment that is rigorously tested by our I/O psychologists to include the singular traits, abilities, and skills that define a successful hire at your organization.

Both our packaged and custom assessment solutions can be augmented with additional services, delivered by our team of psychologists, that can evaluate your current hiring processes for bias and deliver actionable recommendations.

  • Hiring Profiles: We create custom hiring profiles based on your needs and the specifics of the job that act as a yardstick for the highest-quality candidates.
  • Assessments: We measure personality traits, cognitive abilities, and a wide variety of skills, all backed by the latest in IO psychology. We also create customized assessments to measure what matters to your organization.
  • Interview Guides: Our Interview Guide is tailored to each candidate, with consistent question prompts to dive deeper into potential issues.


Consolidated Supply Co. Taps HighMatch to Create a More Efficient Hiring Process

Read how Consolidated, a supplier of plumbing, waterworks and heating products, streamlined and standardized their hiring process and improved recruiter efficiency using HighMatch.

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