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Our Automotive Retail Skills Assessment is the perfect fit for owners and store managers looking for actionable insights into prospective candidates.

Industry Snapshot

Market size of automotive parts stores in the US

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The automotive parts retail experience is experiencing a massive transformation, from retail stores to a mix of physical and digital, and with new players, from OEM manufacturers selling direct to pure-play eCommerce, drop-shipping parts. 

This transformation has led to new roles and new skills being needed for existing roles, all of which puts added pressure on hiring managers to find qualified candidates.

HighMatch has 15+ years of experience working with talent teams and store managers in the automotive retail space to help identify high quality candidates across a number of roles.

We’ve developed an understanding of the qualities that influence success in common roles and can filter candidate pipeline to ensure only qualified applicants move forward.

We Understand

Auto Part Store Roles

Between the logistical challenges of maintaining inventory and the need to have informed sales associates that elicit customer trust, there’s no room for mistakes when it comes to hiring your next critical client-facing employee.

We have over two decades helping our auto parts clients identify candidates for some of the most popular roles that exceed performance targets and align well with store culture.

popular roles include:

  • Sales Associate
  • Service Technician
  • Inventory Manager
  • Assembly Team Lead
  • eCommerce Managers

What Makes a Rockstar
Employee at an Auto Parts Store?

Our workplace psychologists have partnered with a wide range of clients in this space, from market leaders hiring thousands to mom and pop’s staffing a handful.

As a result of this research, we have identified a proven profile of knowledge, abilities and skills that, together, provide a high-level of predictability into whether a candidate will be successful in the role.

Auto Parts Store Personality Traits

There are a number of personality traits that often align with success in auto part stores, and are frequently requested by our clients in the space.

Don’t see a trait you want to measure?
Connect with a Product Specialist today to learn how we can measure and report on any singular trait or ability you believe equate to success.


  • Attention to Detail: being careful in completing work tasks

  • Cooperation: being pleasant with others on the job

  • Dependability: requires being reliable and responsible

  • Initiative: requires a willingness to take on responsibilities

  • Integrity: being honest and ethical

  • Persistence: persistence in the face of obstacles

These retailers Trust HighMatch:

The HighMatch Auto Parts

Store Assessment

HighMatch’s Auto Parts Store Assessment includes a highly configurable test that’s fast, easy-to-implement and measures personality, aptitude and skills right out of the box.

Best of all, it comes pre-populated with job profiles for the most popular roles. These profiles were built by our workplace psychologists and are validated for accuracy.

For larger organizations, HighMatch can build a personalized assessment tailored to your specific role and culture.

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Auto Parts Store Cognitive Abilities

While not as exhaustive a list as personality traits, there are also several cognitive abilities that often align with success at auto parts stores.

Don’t see a trait you want to measure?
Connect with a Product Specialist today to learn how we can measure and report on any singular trait or ability you believe equate to success.


  • Vocabulary is the measure of the richness of someone’s vocabulary.  It has direct bearing on their fluidity in communication

  • Logical Problem Solving measures the ability to think through large, complex problems in a linear, step-by-step way

“[HighMatch] gives me peace of mind when hiring new people.”

President, Automotive

Auto Parts Store Skills

We approach skills testing differently than everyone else. HighMatch skills tests, powered by our modern, testing engine, are short and candidate-friendly.

They are also highly personalized, compiled by our team of workplace psychologists from a pool of components and tailored to measure what matters most in the role.

Skills testing is an important piece of the puzzle, however it’s rarely the whole solution. Our clients couple skills testing with other components to ensure they are getting the full picture of a candidate.

relevant skills tests:

  • Computer Literacy: This fast, mobile-friendly test assesses candidate’s understanding of basic computer use

  • English Fluency: A fast, mobile assessment that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the English language

  • Math Fundamentals: A short, fast skills test that assesses candidate’s understanding of math concepts

For larger organizations, HighMatch can also quickly create short, personalized and mobile-first skills tests covering topics like Automotive Knowledge and Cash Handling, all powered by our modern, mobile-first assessment engine and tailored to your roles.


Fischbach Creates a

Profile For Hiring Success

Learn how HighMatch helped Fischbach, a global leader in the sealant industry, reduce their 90% turnover rate through a benchmarking study, which identified the specific qualities shared by their most successful and long-term employees.


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‘Reducing Turnover’ Fact Sheet

Bad hires can have a ripple effect across your organization, impacting revenue and profitability, causing delays in mission-critical projects and rupturing team dynamics.

Download our Reducing Turnover Fact Sheet for additional facts around the true cost of turnover, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can, in many cases, pay for itself via reductions in turnover.


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HighMatch Automotive Retail Skills Assessment

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