Pre-Employment Assessments for

Mid-Market Businesses

Mid-market companies often have many of the same challenges as smaller companies, while also competing directly with enterprise organizations.

A bad hire can have a ripple effect within teams and across the company, making it that much harder to grow your business. HighMatch can help.

We Understand Mid-Market Organizations

Your recruitment needs fluctuate based on a wide array of macro and micro factors, so you need an assessment that can help widen the funnel when the job market is hot and narrow it when you can afford to be more selective.

HighMatch’s pre-employment assessment is fast, easy to implement, can measure both personality and aptitude right out-of-the-box and can be configured to be shorter or longer as your needs and the market change.

We also offer a fully custom solution that measures individual qualities and skills that matter most to your organization, using your language, not ours, which increases adoption.

We’re Built for Mid-Sized Companies

But don’t take our word for it, our software is a high performer within G2’s pre-employment assessment category for mid-market companies.

We’re thrilled to bring value in meaningful ways to our small business clients, and knowing their direct reviews have made Berke #1 in our category for mid-market companies.

Personality Assessments

Mid-Market organizations must prioritize personality fit because whomever you bring on will likely interact with many members of your organization.

HighMatch’s personality assessment enables you to dive into the general attitude and dispositions within your pool of candidates so you can be ensured they’re a good fit for your organization.

The configurable nature of our platform means you can easily measure the specific traits you feel are most crucial for success at your organization.

By having candidates complete personality assessments, you’ll get insight into questions like: 

  • What motivates this candidate? 
  • What are their preferred communication styles?  
  • Do applicants have emotional qualities that can interfere with job functions?

Want to measure a singular custom trait? Unlike other vendors in the space, our Talent Insights Platform can measure what matters most to you using your language, not ours, which leads to higher adoption. 

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Aptitude Assessments

HighMatch’s aptitude test helps HR teams and hiring managers gain a better sense of a candidate’s abilities in areas like logical reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, and vocabulary.

Equipping yourself with this information will help you understand whether they’re capable of performing the tasks needed to strengthen your organization. 

Looking to measure a singular custom ability? Unlike other vendors in the space, our Talent Insights Platform can measure what matters most to you using your language, not ours, which leads to higher adoption.

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Skills Tests

You may not have the same training resources as the larger organizations, so it’s crucial that the candidate you hire has the work skills necessary to fulfill every requirement.

HighMatch helps eliminate these worries by providing skills assessments that offer an unbiased measurement of your candidate’s ability to perform and understand tasks related to various job functions.

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Have Better Interviews

Interviews are an opportunity to take insights from the Candidate Report and dive deeper, ensuring alignment between the role, the individual and the organization.

This guide provides actionable tips on how to have more meaningful interviews, from asking relevant questions, making the interview conversational and avoiding conversation threads that can lead to unconscious bias.


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