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Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a goal, requiring cooperation and a willingness to work together despite any personal conflicts.

Teamwork Test

Teamwork is collaboration in the workplace — a group effort to achieve a shared goal wherein each person brings their skillset and cooperation to work alongside others.

One’s ability to work well with others and put aside personal needs and individual contributions in favor of team needs and overall team success is what separates team players from those that favor working alone.

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Team players are often:

  • Flexible
  • Cooperative
  • Accountable
  • Active listeners
  • Skilled at resolving issues
  • Respectful of other opinions
  • Able to communicate effectively

HighMatch creates custom job profiles which identify the personality traits, cognitive abilities and the skills required for success in the role and at your company, using straightforward language to ensure high adoption and usage by your teams.

Teamwork Skills in the Workplace

All jobs require employees to interact and work with others, so teamwork is a valuable skill.

A team player is reliable, willing to chip in when needed, and keeps the greater good in mind. Team players boost morale and influence business results positively.

While all positions require some level of teamwork, specific jobs require more collaboration and interaction with others.

They include:

  • Consultants
  • Medical assistants
  • Food service workers
  • Construction managers
  • Human resources professionals

HighMatch candidate reports make it crystal clear if candidates possess the innate talents, defined by you based on the needs of the role and the organization, to succeed in the job.

Employees whose talents fit the job are more productive, happier and stay longer.

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Related Skills

Teamwork is a term that encompasses many traits such as:

  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

How to Assess Teamwork
in an Interview

During an interview, you have the opportunity to ask interview questions to test a candidate’s attitude toward teamwork.

Ask the candidate to describe instances in which they have worked with a team for a shared goal. Ask them how they have worked through differences with colleagues, and how they approach relationship building.

If the candidate fails to take ownership of failures or if they fail to acknowledge their teammates’ contributions to successes, he or she may not be a team player.

Other red flags are: speaking negatively about team members and an inability to offer thought-out solutions for ways to work through issues or ideas to build relationships with teammates.

HighMatch provides interview guides tailored to each candidate. Each guide offers questions based on each person’s personality and skills, making it easy for you to ask thought-provoking questions to help you get to know the candidate beyond their resume and experience.

The Highmatch Teamwork Skills Assessment

HighMatch measures two traits that relate to Teamwork, Adaptability and Sociability, and offers the ability to couple these personality assessments with skills assessments from our massive library of tests.

Adaptability is the natural tendency to take other people’s perceived thoughts and feelings into account when speaking or making decisions.  Sociability is the tendency to seek out interactions with people. 

However there are multiple traits that impact someone’s working and communication style, so it’s best to assess all of these when attempting to understand whether someone will be team-oriented.

Part of building a team is understanding your team members. HighMatch offers spotlight reports, which allow you to get to know team members outside of job requirements.  HighMatch customers use the reports to facilitate conversations among team members.

Our talent consulting Services team partners with organizations to develop job profiles that outline what levels of each trait influence success in a given role.

Once a candidate takes the assessment, their results are compared to the hiring profile to produce a job fit score. Job fit scores make it clear if a person is a high, medium or low fit for the job based on the predefined profile.

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