Candidate Experience

We highly value the candidate experience and follow best practices to create predictive, bias-free, and efficient assessments to maximize completion rates and encourage positive candidate reception.

The Importance of a Positive Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a critical part of the hiring process. This is the first meeting between employer and potential employee, and it can be tricky to create a consistent, inclusive, and positive candidate experience.

A negative candidate experience can have a significant impact on a candidate pipeline. According to a report from Glassdoor, lengthy hiring delays, repetitive interviews, and frustrating recruitment processes paint organizations with a negative candidate reception, potentially turning off prospective candidates further down the road.

To avoid this, HighMatch’s solutions are designed to be intuitive, efficient, inclusive, and positive to boost candidate engagement and encourage a positive relationship between candidate and organization.

Refined by Years of Industry Experience

At HighMatch, we’ve been refining the candidate experience for over a decade by partnering with some of our highest volume clients. As a result, we have some of the highest completion rates in the pre-employment assessment market.

Our Optimized Candidate Experience


Our assessments feature straightforward multiple choice questions, intuitive navigation, and candidate-friendly tools that result in an easy-to-use platform for any role or industry.


Our assessments are tailor-fit to measure only what you need, resulting in faster testing, lower candidate test fatigue, and higher completion rates.


Our assessments are all ADA/WCAG-2 compliant for accessibility and support a wide variety of accommodations.


Our assessments generate insights that are positive in nature, allowing you to involve the candidate in discussions about their scores and areas of improvement.

Assessments Validated by Science


It’s always nice to know more about a candidate, but that often comes at the expense of completion rate when it comes to assessments.

HighMatch’s team of workplace psychologists can help optimize your assessment solution, leading to shorter test times and higher-quality insights.

ADA and WCAG-2 Compliance


Ensuring your assessments are inclusive and welcoming to traditionally marginalized groups is a necessity.

All HighMatch assessments are ADA compliant, use inclusive language, and support a variety of accommodations, leading to less funnel abandonment and higher completion rates.

Transparent Reporting


HighMatch reports are positive in nature and are designed to be shared with the candidate.

Sharing reports with candidates following an assessment can open up discussions about areas of growth, put their minds at ease, and help them prepare for the next stage of the hiring process.

“I loved that the questions could be answered at the convenience of the applicant and from anywhere where there was internet access.”

Manager, Large Non-Profit

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right assessment solution from the hundreds available can be daunting. To make that process a little easier, we created a Buyer’s Guide.

It’s an objective downloadable report created by our team of workplace psychologists that outlines what to consider when evaluating assessment vendors. 

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