The Berke Platform

Candidate Reports

Berke reports provide insights on every candidate, from a overall job fit score to a breakdown of their traits and abilities, with actionable insights usable in both in pre-hire scenarios as well as development.

Berke Reporting Is:


These user-friendly reports provide actionable insights on every candidate. Delivered as separate PDF’s, these reports are straightforward and easy to read.


Berke reports provide a wealth of data on prospective candidates, from their fit relative to the role, natural traits and talents and how they are likely to respond in certain situations.


Berke interview guides lead to better interviews, with personalized questions based on responses that help hiring managers get to know candidates beyond their resume.

Job Fit Score

Understand at a glance whether the candidate is a fit for the job

Employees whose talents and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, happier, and stay longer. Berke’s Job Fit Report measures the fit between a job and a person, showing whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit.

They Trust HighMatch

Interview Guides

Get to know candidates beyond the resume while avoiding inherent bias

Conducting a great interview is critical to identifying the right person for a job. Berke’s Interview Guide is customized to each person and job. It helps you ask questions and get to know the candidate beyond their resume, while ensuring a consistent interview process.

“The job fit report and interview guide are clear and easy to use and ensure a consistent candidate evaluation.”

CFO, Enterprise Company

Spotlight Reports

Easily assess culture fit and facilitate ongoing employee development

Understanding a person’s natural traits and talents is critical to relationship building. The Spotlight Reports help you to get to know a person outside a job’s requirements, tspecific traits and abilities, and how those will play out on the job.

Best In Its Category

Our product comes highly rated and has won numerous awards on top-rated review sites like G2. Follow our link here for first-hand testimonials from professionals just like you, and to better understand why we’re rated the “Easiest To Use” amongst pre-employment testing software.

Participant Report

Encourage conversations between managers and employees about Career development

Sharing reports with employees who complete an assessment encourages a productive dialogue between manager and employee. Participant reports are positive in nature, and are designed to be shared with the employees and encourage development conversations.

Have Better Interviews

Interviews are an opportunity to take insights from the Candidate Report and dive deeper, ensuring alignment between the role, the individual and the organization.

This guide provides actionable tips on how to have more meaningful interviews, from asking relevant questions, making the interview conversational and avoiding conversation threads that can lead to unconscious bias.


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