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Talent Consulting Services

Talent and development teams at even the largest organizations are often both overwhelmed and under-resourced.

Our Services team is here to help.

The HighMatch Services Team

Our Services team was built to support the needs of HR teams and the I/O’s that often work with them, providing a suite of talent consulting services that ensure assessments are accurate in their predictive ability and validated to ensure it avoids bias.

Unlike our counterparts in the industry, these services aren’t simply add-ons to an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, our Services team are a critical part of every solution that we sell.

They engage with our clients to fully understand the root causes of their current pain points, identifying ways to solve those through a mix of technology, business acumen and science.  

As a result, clients purchasing a solution from HighMatch can rest easy knowing they’re getting a highly personalized, scientifically-validated assessment that measures those competencies critical to success in the role and organization.

Best of all, HighMatch provides those insights in intuitive reports without the jargon, leading to higher adoption rates among hiring managers.

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Talent Consulting Services


There are always rockstars in your organization, those who consistently come to mind when you think of the ideal employee. 

Our Services team uses benchmarking studies leveraging statistical analysis as a way of identifying those traits, abilities and skills that sets these individuals apart from their peers. 

The result is a finely tuned Job Analysis that shows you who to hire next and who to avoid.


An assessment is only useful if it’s shown to be valid.  Validity refers to the link between an assessment and the job for which it’s being used.  

HighMatch consultants will help you select the appropriate validation method – Content and/or Criterion – and will lead the effort to demonstrate and document your solution’s validity.

The result is an assessment that is proven valid in predicting success in your specific job.

Custom Content

Assessments are only useful if they’re evaluating for factors that directly contribute to success within your organization.

If not, you risk wasting your time with assessments that don’t have your specific need in mind. HighMatch’s team will build a custom assessment to measure and report on your custom traits.

The result is an assessment that’s custom built to measure those factors that matter most to you.

Custom Reporting

Customers purchasing assessments are looking for actionable insights, not data and jargon that’s meaningless to the recruiters and hiring managers.

Unfortunately, most vendors provide massive reports that exhaust and overwhelm users. Our Services team will work with you to develop custom reports aligned to your stakeholders.

The result is a set of reports that are intuitive, visually stunning, and provides insights, not data.

Job Analysis

Understanding the context of a role is necessary to write accurate job descriptions and to understand what to look for within prospective employees.

Skipping a job analysis puts you at risk of hiring a candidate that doesn’t have what it takes to be successful. Our Services team can conduct a job analysis that identifies relevant skills & traits.

The result is critical insight regarding what exactly to look for in the roles you’re filling.

Custom Interview Development 

Every workplace requires specific skills and traits from their employees in order to best serve customers and uphold brand values.

But how do you make sure that candidates have these traits? Our Services team will develop custom questions that help identify candidates who can perform every requirement of the role.

The result is better fit employees on staff, which in turn reduces turnover and on-the-job mistakes.

Our Approach

While every client is unique, our approach to talent consulting services remains relatively consistent regardless of the service being provided. 

Our team of I/O psychologists follow a five step process for almost every engagement:

  1. Problem Definition
    Our I/O team will consult with you to develop a thorough understanding of what effective performance looks like, including defining the problem and outlining the key tasks and KSAO’s associated with successful performance
  2. Solution Development
    We’ll build on those efforts by developing a solution that is targeted at those key tasks and KSAO’s identified in the problem definition phase
  3. Validation
    Once constructed, we’ll validate the link between the assessment and the target roles and organizational needs following standards for content and/or criterion related validity studies
  4. Implementation
    We’ll support your implementation efforts to ensure the solution meets your needs, maintains a satisfactory candidate experience, and meets best practice standards for personnel selection
  5. Maintenance
    We’ll maintain ongoing support to ensure the assessment continues to provide valuable information to make informed decisions even as jobs change by conducting validation and adverse impact studies as needed

Awards & Testimonials

Our product comes highly rated and has won numerous awards on top-rated review sites like G2. Follow our link here for first-hand testimonials from professionals just like you, and to better understand why we’re rated the “Easiest To Use” amongst pre-employment testing software.

“A long time assessment user, we went to market and found [HighMatch]. Our criteria was that the report was easy for us and our clients’ to read, that the assessment covered both personality and cognitive areas and we wanted to work with a great team. [HighMatch] delivered on all three of our criteria.”

G2 review from CEO

IO Expertise

Our Services team includes experienced industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists and consultants with decades of experience partnering with leading brands across multiple industries.

Craig Ellis
VP of Services
Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Auburn

Craig’s background is in pre-employment testing and psychometrics. He has more than 10 years of experience as an assessment scientist and organizational consultant.

He’s developed assessments aimed at evaluating person-organization fit, and he’s created and validated selection systems for a variety of organizations across industries. He’s consulted with companies to develop competency-driven succession plans and supported their efforts through executive assessment and leadership coaching. Craig believes deeply in bringing science and data into the organizational decision-making process – specifically around selection and talent management practices.

Craig holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Troy University and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Auburn University.

He currently lives in Madison, AL with his wife, Mandi, and four children, Emelia, Thomas, Rosemary, and Shepard. He’s an avid college football fan (War Eagle!) and enjoys fitness and golf in his spare time.

Melissa Kapnek

Melissa Kapnek, MA, SPHR, SHRM-CP, FPC is an Assessment Consultant at Berke, where she specializes in job analysis & statistical benchmarking to create predictive hiring profiles.

Melissa has over a dozen years of experience in Human Resources in job classification and workplace assessment, for both government entities and the private sector. She focuses on using empirical data to help our customers make better hiring decisions and translates academic research into practical applications for Human Resource Professionals.

Melissa holds a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from University of Georgia and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Florida State University.

Download our ‘Improving Diversity & Inclusion’ Fact Sheet

The need for consistency in the hiring process is paramount to avoid the dual risks of unconscious bias creeping into the interview process and inability for multiple interviewers to evaluate candidates across a common set of criteria.

Download our Diversity and Inclusion Fact Sheet for additional facts around the cost of unconscious bias, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can help remove bias from your hiring process.


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