Custom Interview Development

Our Custom Interview Development service provides tailored interview questions for each role coupled with a scoring guide that ensure interview consistency, avoid unconscious bias, and uncover meaningful insights to help you make better hiring decisions.

What is Custom Interview Development?

Our Services team partners with your company’s internal subject matter experts to develop tailored interview questions and a scoring guide that is specific to your organization and to the role.

This works to ensure you’re asking the right questions that will uncover the best-fit candidates for your company.

How Custom Interview Development optimizes your workplace

Every workplace requires specific skills and traits from its employees in order to best serve customers and uphold the values of their brand. But how do you make sure that candidates you bring in have these traits?

By creating tailored interview questions for your particular role or organization, you’re working to fill your ranks with employees that have both the hard skills and behavioral traits to perform every requirement.

With better fit employees on staff, you’re less likely to experience high turnover or on-the-job mistakes. 

How the process works

Our team of psychologists will partner with you to identify SME’s for the requested roles. They will consult with key stakeholders to understand critical behaviors and traits related to success and failure in the role.

Next, our Services team will engage SME’s at your organization to capture information related to specific instances of exemplary, acceptable, and unsatisfactory performance they’ve witnessed in the role. 

Lastly, we’ll use the information collected to create behaviorally-anchored, organization-specific interview questions and scoring guidelines designed to help you collect valuable information during candidate interviews. 

We’ll then train your hiring managers on the interview guide and offer guidance on best practices in interviewing and candidate evaluation.

Real World Scenario

A local hospital has recently noticed a rise in complaints regarding their nurses’ lack of empathy.

To mitigate the issue, they engage HighMatch’s Services team to craft better interview questions related to empathy within the context of their organization.

To get to the bottom of the issue, we first interview current experts on staff for a better understanding of the problem.

Some examples of questions we’d ask include:

  • “What goes wrong when a nurse doesn’t show enough Empathy?”
  • “What is an example of a situation where Empathy is crucially important for a nurse?”

  • “Can you provide  examples of outstanding display of Empathy from a nurse that produced positive outcomes?”
  • “Can you provide an example of poor display of Empathy that led to negative outcomes?”

We’ll then use the themes that come from this discussion to create job-specific interview questions and a scoring guide that will support the client when evaluating employees for empathy during the hiring process. 

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Berke allows us to make better hiring decisions by matching the candidate’s personality traits and skills to the position. It is no longer a guessing game if the candidate is a good fit.”


Have Better Interviews

Interviews are an opportunity to take insights from the Candidate Report and dive deeper, ensuring alignment between the role, the individual and the organization.

This guide provides actionable tips on how to have more meaningful interviews, from asking relevant questions, making the interview conversational and avoiding conversation threads that can lead to unconscious bias.


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