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Critical Thinking

A critical thinking assessment test helps employers understand a person’s ability to evaluate issues, assess different perspectives, and formulate a reasoned judgment.

A Critical Thinking Assessment Test

in the Workplace

The ability to think critically when approaching issues is increasingly important to workplace success. According to a past study, critical thinking is one of the 4 “Super Skills” required to succeed in the digital economy.

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Habits that characterize a person with critical thinking skills are:

  • Inquisitiveness
  • Solving problems in a systematic way
  • The ability to detect mistakes and inconsistencies in reasoning
  • Identifying key points and assessing the significance of each
  • A commitment to using reason in the formulation of one’s beliefs

HighMatch creates custom job profiles which identify the personality traits, cognitive abilities and the skills required for success in the role and at your company, using straightforward language to ensure high adoption and usage by your teams. 

Role Applicability

A person’s ability to solve problems and understand situations is influenced by their critical thinking ability. Managers need to think critically to analyze problems and handle issues that influence their team members.

Customer service representatives need critical thinking skills to discover creative solutions to keep customers happy. With information changing rapidly these days, the capacity to navigate unfamiliar situations is a valuable quality for nearly every job.

Before a candidate is hired, his or her critical thinking ability should be assessed. HighMatch measures a candidate’s thinking style and provides guidance on whether a person’s innate abilities align with the requirements of the job.

Critical thinking skills are important in a variety of jobs. For example:

  • Sales professionals: critical thinking abilities help salespeople match customer needs with their product, and explain the solution in a manner that resonates with the audience
  • Customer Services Professionals: use critical thinking to gauge how to best approach customers and resolve issues
  • Medical professionals: practitioners use critical thinking to diagnose a variety of symptoms
  • Project Managers: use critical thinking to assemble teams and to manage those teams effectively

HighMatch candidate reports make it crystal clear if candidates possess the innate talents, defined by you based on the needs of the role and the organization, to succeed in the job.

Employees whose talents fit the job are more productive, happier and stay longer.

Related Skills

Critical Thinking is closely tied to other abilities, including:

  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Problem Synthesis
  • Accurate Inference
  • Effective Decision Making/Judgment

Critical Thinking in an Interview

Assessing critical thinking in an interview is equally important whether you’re hiring a new sales person or someone in an executive leadership position.

An interview is a great venue to better understand how a person thinks. Pose challenging, open-ended questions to help assess a person’s style of thinking. Here are a few tips for doing this:

  • Describe a problem to the candidate with information that is missing. Ask them what information they would seek before making a decision. You want the candidate to respond with questions from multiple angles. Ideally, each new question brings a new set of questions and considerations
  • Have the candidate describe a problem they faced in a previous job and ask them to discuss how they handled it. Look for a candidate that can provide details and rationale for why they did what they did
  • Look for candidates that have a record of questioning the status quo, and a propensity for implementing new policies and procedures

HighMatch provides interview guides tailored to each candidate. Each guide offers questions based on each person’s personality and skills, making it easy for you to ask thought-provoking questions to help you get to know the candidate beyond their resume and experience.

The HighMatch Critical Thinking Assessment Test

HighMatch tests for critical thinking through a series of multiple choice questions that become increasingly more difficult.

The HighMatch Services team typically conducts a benchmark study to understand what qualities are most critical for the role, analyzes the qualities that top performers share, and then develops a customized Job Profile inclusive of traits, abilities like logical reasoning and skills.

That Job Profile is used to develop the scoring and weighting mechanism for the assessment, helping to identify whether the person is a high, medium or low fit for the job.

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