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Why Industry Experience matters

Many of the challenges talent teams need to solve are shared across industries.

However, the solutions to those challenges and the roles involved are often industry-specific, requiring a highly personalized assessment solution informed by industry experience yet personalized to your specific organization.

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Where HighMatch Comes in

Our executive team and deep pool of accomplished workplace psychologists have experience partnering with modern talent teams across a wide array of industries, including:

insights across the hiring cycle

Often clients want to measure specific competencies at different hiring stages, for instance screening warehouse applicants for spatial reasoning prior to an interview.

HighMatch has a suite of assessment products aligned to the hiring cycle which can be used to assess different competencies at specific stages.

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HighMatch Capabilities

HighMatch sets the standard for what assessments should look like – fast, modular and backed by the latest science. HighMatch assessment capabilities include independently validated measures that can be used in any combination and at any hiring stage.

HighMatch's personality pre-employment assessment test


Get insights into a candidate’s motivations, communication styles, and emotional qualities.

HighMatch's aptitude pre-employment assessment test


Understand a candidate’s ability to get up to speed and solve problems.

HighMatch's hard skills pre-employment assessment test


Get an unbiased measurement of a candidate’s knowledge or skill.

HighMatch's situational judgement pre-employment assessment test


Assess a candidate’s ability to handle job-related situations appropriately.


Provide candidates with insights into what they can expect on the job.


Get quick feedback on whether candidates meet the minimum requirements.

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