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Our Education Assessment Solution is the perfect fit for administrators, talent teams, and search committees looking for a skills test for education jobs that provides actionable insights on prospective candidates.  

Search committees and talent teams at educational institutions are tasked with finding highly qualified candidates while dealing with a multitude of external pressures, all while also ensuring diversity among both faculty and administrative staff.

At HighMatch, we have 15+ years of experience partnering with search committees and talent teams in the education sector to help solve some of their most difficult hiring challenges using objective data from our pre-employment skills test.

Over time, we have developed an understanding of the qualities that influence success in each role and can filter candidate pipelines to ensure only qualified candidates move forward.

They Trust HighMatch:

Colleges & Universities

We have partnered with colleges and universities of all sizes on a number of roles, such as:

  • Provost
  • Education Consultant
  • Fundraising Officer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Adjunct Professor

Curious how our college and university assessment can help your organization?

K-12 Schools

Our K-12 School Solution is the perfect fit for administrators and search committees  looking to increase diversity and find the right hires in roles, such as:

  • School Nurses
  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Itinerant Teachers
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Guidance Counselors

Curious how our teaching skills assessment can help your organization?

“We’ve taken a huge step forward in implementing a more modern, effective process, and we’re only going to get better now that we have [HighMatch] as part of it.”



UCO uses objective candidate data to improve their hiring processes

Learn how the Talent Acquisition team at UCO was able to improve their hiring process and make better hiring decisions by incorporating candidate data from HighMatch.

HighMatch Education Assessment Solution

HighMatch Talent Insights Platform includes a highly configurable pre-employment screening skills test that’s fast, easy to implement and measures both personality and aptitude right out-of-the-box.

We also offer a fully custom solution that measures individual qualities that matter most to your educational institution.

Both solutions can be combined with skills assessments, either from our strategic partnership with one of the largest skills testing providers, or our native skills offerings

Combining skills testing with soft skills assessments can provide a holistic view of a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job, leading to better hiring decisions.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right assessment solution from the hundreds available can be daunting. To make that process a little easier, we created a Buyer’s Guide.

It’s an objective, downloadable report created by our team of Industrial & Organizational (I/O) psychologists that outlines what to consider when evaluating assessment vendors. 

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