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HighMatch is a fast, personalized assessment solution that gives hiring teams the relevant and actionable insights they need to make informed hiring decisions.

They Trust HighMatch:

HighMatch Is Different

Legacy off-the-shelf assessments test candidates against a fixed set of measures that lack the nuance needed to predict future success at your organization. 

Our approach is to build a highly personalized assessment based on a strong foundation of I-O psychology research, ensuring you get relevant, scientifically-validated insights.

This approach leads to higher assessment completion rates, more relevant and actionable insights, and an optimized candidate experience.

Collaboration enables personalization

Personalized assessments are based on a true collaboration between assessment experts, talent teams and managers. We work with your team to define the insights you need and the measures required to provide those insights.

Assessment Experts

I-O Psychologists provide research-backed insights into the qualities and skills required for success in the role and company culture.  

Talent Teams

Talent Teams provide insight into the full funnel hiring process, overall corporate identity and aspirational company values.

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers provide subject matter expertise on a role and their preferred language for describing qualities and skills.

Step 1: Formal Analysis of Work

The first step in creating our assessments is to conduct a formal Analysis of Work to gain a full understanding of the key tasks, duties, and KSAO’s associated with your role.

Our I-O psychologists conduct SME interviews, review existing documentation and perform a Job & Organizational Analyses, working with you to define the competencies that make your roles and culture unique.

Step 2: Define a Measurement Plan

Next, our team compiles duties, tasks and responsibilities and organizes materials into prioritized elements.

This process yields a list of measures, which are then rated by your hiring team based on level of importance and whether they are needed immediately on the job.

Step 3: Build Your Tailored Assessment

From there, our team quickly builds out your personalized assessment using a mix of content components configured to your measure candidates against what matters in your role.

Additionally, our I-O psychologists will map these components to specific stages of the hiring process, leveraging HighMatch’s suite of assessment products to deliver insights at the right stage.

Step 4: Develop Assessment Benchmarks

We develop a scoring model that distinguishes people who are likely to succeed from those who are not. This model is created using questionnaire and focus group data.

The model can be enhanced by assessing current employees and statistically analyzing relationships between assessment scores and job performance data.

Step 5: Establish Local Validity

Lastly our team will help you establish the local validity of your solution by designing and conducting a study to demonstrate that your solution is job-relevant and predictive.

Additionally, we will perform adverse impact analyses to ensure that all subgroups have equal opportunity to perform well. We’ll wrap it all up in a detailed report for your records.

Add-on i-o psychology Services

Leveraging a mix of science-backed services, our team of workplace psychologists can benchmark existing employees, assess business impact and validate your assessment – even develop custom interview guides and perform interviews with leadership candidates.

Benchmark study

A scientific study that identifies the 
qualities shared by top performers

validation study

Provides assurance that the solution is relevant and predictive of success

adverse impact study

An analysis assessing fairness towards client-defined subgroups

Business impact study

Analyzes the business impact of your solution across multiple factors

Interview development

Interview Guides custom built for your unique roles and culture

Leadership Interviews

I-O Psychologists interview your top candidates for alignment

A platform for today’s workforce

HighMatch’s modern, powerful assessment platform was built to support the unique needs of today’s workforce.

Our mobile-first assessment experience ensures candidates can take the assessment on the devices they use most frequently without the need for a computer.

Our platform is also fully WCAG-2 compliant and offers assessment accommodations for a variety of candidates’ needs for a more inclusive candidate experience.

HighMatch’s I-o services Team

Our I-O Services team includes a deep bench of experienced industrial and organizational psychologists and consultants with decades of experience partnering with leading brands across multiple industries. This team is led by our Head of I-O Psychology:

Dr. Craig Ellis

Head of I-O Psychology, HighMatch
Ph.D in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Auburn

Craig’s background is in pre-employment testing and psychometrics. He has 10+ years of experience as an assessment scientist and organizational consultant.

He’s developed assessments aimed at evaluating person-organization fit, and he’s created and validated selection systems for a variety of organizations. He’s consulted with companies to develop competency-driven succession plans and supported their efforts through executive assessment and leadership coaching.

Craig believes deeply in bringing science and data into the organizational decision-making process – specifically around selection and talent management practices.

Craig holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Troy University and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Auburn University.

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