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Minimum Qualification

Screen applicants to ensure fit with a role’s minimum qualifications, score responses and get statistics on your candidate pool with HighMatch’s Min Qual capability.

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Min Qual data you can actually use

Most ATS solutions include Min Qual surveys in their offering. However reporting is limited and they lack scoring.

With HighMatch, you get personalized questions written by workplace psychologists, and a Min Qual questionnaire that provides scores for each discrete measure.

Your compensation team can also use this data to identify salary mismatches specific to your candidate pool.

Benefits include:

Consistent Questions

consistent questions

Asking qualification questions on a call can often lead to inconsistent candidate experiences

Time Saved

Time Saved

Your recruiters will get time back on their schedule when you automate basic qualification questions 

Actionable Statistics

Actionable Statistics

HR Ops teams can mine first party min qual data to get insights on candidate pools

Expert Question Writing

expert Question Writing

Get expert-written min qual questions written by HighMatch workplace psychologists

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

Eliminate your long application process by capturing non-EEO data in a questionnaire

Avoid Pay Mismatches

Avoid Pay Mismatches

Surfacing pay ranges early in a questionnaire avoids pay mismatch issues down the line

How it works

We start by meeting with your team to understand your roles and their specific minimum qualifications.

From there, our workplace psychologists quickly create face-valid questionnaires focused exclusively on the most relevant measures and develop a scoring model.

Questionnaires are hosted on our platform and distributed using our modern, mobile-first assessment platform.

Minimum Qualification Reports

HighMatch reports are highly visual, with intuitive dashboards that help you quickly see whether a candidate is a fit based on their overall score as well as on specific competencies.

Those include:

  • Single Score: a single roll-up performance score
  • Custom Ranges: flexible, client-defined score ranges
  • Measure Scores: tailored scores for key measures
  • Answers Tab: easily review answers to questions
  • Action Tabs: email or call applicants with one click

With HighMatch, recruiters can automatically deploy assessments and share score data with their ATS and Conversational AI to enable automated workflows.

see a sample report
HighMatch Candidate Report

Science behind the assessments

HighMatch assessments are designed to measure individual differences in psychological traits, abilities, and skills, and have been built by I-O Psychologists according to the latest standards in the field.  

All assessments have undergone rigorous analysis, including multiple rounds of data collection to ensure validity, reliability and fairness across multiple device types, by a team of I-O Psychologists and Psychometricians.

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HighMatch Assessment Platform

HighMatch’s modern, mobile assessment platform delivers a fast, friendly and inclusive experience for candidates.

Features include:

  • SMS invitations and reminders
  • Embeddable video player
  • Customizable scoring and reporting
  • ATS integrations with all leading solutions
  • Conversational AI workflow integrations
  • ADA / WCAG-2 compliance for accessibility

A more inclusive candidate experience optimized for mobile leads to a more diverse candidate pool, higher completion rates and less abandonment. See it in action today!

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HighMatch Assessment Platform

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