3 Types of People To Help You Interview

By Caroline Roberson on June 9, 2022

Consider you are a hiring manager knee-deep in the interview process. You’ve narrowed down your candidate pool, and you’re having a hard time deciding which one is the best fit for the job. You’ve interviewed each person once and you’re thinking another set of eyes would give you some interview help.

Should you ask someone for a second opinion?

Secondary interviewers are only beneficial if they add value to the decision making process. If they do not, you might be better off without them. Before you seek interview help consider what types of people add value. 

Who adds value when you need interview help?

Someone who can interview for skills you lack. Let’s say the job requires proficiency in a specific software program you don’t use. Asking someone who knows the program to assess their skills would add value. An individual who uses the software will know what questions to ask and, more importantly, how to evaluate a candidate’s answers.

Someone with a track record of making great hires. Maybe there’s a manager who time and again picks the right person for the job. They may have excellent interview skills, sound judgment, or an uncanny “gut instinct.” He or she might pick up on things you’ve missed.

Someone who has no stake in the hire. Sometimes managers lose their objectivity if they are desperate to fill an open position. Asking a person who isn’t as invested, and who has a fresh pair of eyes can help raise red flags, that you may be overlooking.

These 3 individuals have the potential to help a hiring manager make a better decision.

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Who to skip?

Someone who hasn’t been trained on how to interview. If a person is unsure of how to conduct an effective interview and ask good questions, it’s best not to ask for their opinion. 

Someone who doesn’t understand the job requirements. Without an understanding of what qualifications are necessary for success, a person isn’t in the position to offer a recommendation. 

Someone who with the “glass half empty” mentality. People who are prone to negativity, are easily stressed or combative may paint an inaccurate picture of the work environment, leaving the candidate with a poor impression.

Plan ahead

Effective secondary interviews start with choosing the right people to meet with your candidates. Once you have the right team, discuss what questions you will ask. HighMatch can help with that!

Each HighMatch report comes with a personalized interview guide to guide conversations. Sharing the guide with your secondary interviewers, and discussing who will cover what topics, will set them up for success.  View our sample interview guide.

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