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Skill Tests

Short and candidate-friendly, HighMatch’s skills assessments are tailored to only measure the skills and knowledge that matter most in the role.

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Our Approach

Often a role may require knowledge of a specific concept or piece of software, but not require a mastery of all of it.

Our I-O psychologists partner with you to define what knowledge and skills are required for success in a role. We then create a tailored assessment based on those findings.

You get a short, candidate-friendly skills test powered by our mobile-first assessment engine that measures candidates against those set of skills and knowledge unique to your role.

Popular Skills Titles

Try a sample of some of HighMatch’s most popular skills tests! Remember you can choose to use the test in its entirety, select specific components to include or exclude – even add additional questions aligned to your specific role and organization.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

A quick, mobile-friendly assessment designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of MS Excel.

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Microsoft Word

microsoft word

A fast yet comprehensive assessment designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of MS Word.

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Microsoft Powerpoint

microsoft powerpoint

This candidate-friendly assessment tests knowledge of basic and advanced MS Powerpoint.

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Math Fundamentals

math fundamentals

This test assesses candidate’s understanding of common mathematical concepts.

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Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy

This fast, mobile-friendly test assesses candidate’s understanding of basic computer use.

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English Fluency

English Fluency

This fluency test assesses a candidate’s understanding of the English language.

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Combining Skills Testing
with Soft Skills Assessments

When combined with personality and aptitude testing, you can get actionable insight as to whether candidates are willing and able to do the job, along with their relative strength in a required skill.

Our team of workplace psychologists partner with you to identify the qualities AND skills required for job success, and build personalized assessments that measure those.

HighMatch skills Reports

HighMatch reports are highly visual, with intuitive dashboards that help you quickly see whether a candidate is a fit based on their overall score as well as on specific competencies.

Those include:

  • Single Score: a single roll-up performance score
  • Custom Ranges: flexible, client-defined score ranges
  • Topic Scores: tailored topic scores for key sections
  • Answers Summary: easily review answers to questions
  • Action Tabs: email or call applicants with one click
  • Interview Guides: tailored question prompts
  • Development: recommendations for improvement

With HighMatch Assess, recruiters can automatically deploy assessments and share score data with their ATS and Conversational AI to enable automated workflows.

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insights across the hiring cycle

Often clients want to apply elements of a skills test at different hiring stages, for instance screening applicants for internet basics in advance of interviewing them.

HighMatch has a suite of assessment products aligned to the hiring cycle which can be used to assess different personality traits at different stages.

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HighMatch test Platform

HighMatch’s modern, mobile testing platform delivers a fast, friendly and inclusive experience for candidates.

Features include:

  • SMS invitations and reminders
  • Embeddable video player
  • Customizable scoring and reporting
  • ATS integrations with all leading solutions
  • Conversational AI workflow integrations
  • ADA / WCAG-2 compliance for accessibility

A more inclusive candidate experience optimized for mobile leads to a more diverse candidate pool, higher completion rates and less abandonment. See it in action today!

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Science behind the tests

HighMatch skills tests are designed to measure individual differences in skills and knowledge, and have been built and exhaustively validated by I-O Psychologists according to the latest standards in the field.  

All assessments have undergone rigorous analysis, including multiple rounds of data collection to ensure validity, reliability and fairness across multiple device types, by a team of I-O Psychologists and Psychometricians.

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