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Compete for Talent

Finding the best candidates in a tight local labor market is extremely hard, and that was before you had to compete with companies across the country.

These days, you need to move quickly to lock down a qualified candidate before they get taken. But how can you really identify quality when speed is such a factor?

HighMatch Can Help

HighMatch’s team of in-house psychologists can help you identify what qualities are most critical for success in a role, and build a hiring profile that quickly identifies those candidates who have the right mix of behavioral traits, aptitude and hard skills to be successful in the role.

We’ll show you what success looks like, so when you see it in a candidate, you’ll know it, and get to an offer quicker.

Winning the war for talent is only getting harder:

Of employers reported they were hiring for new roles in 2021

Of employers are expecting to do more virtual/remote hiring in 2021 and 2022

of candidates have received two or more offers simultaneously when applying for jobs

Features & Benefits For Winning the War for Talent

HighMatch’s pre-employment test works to help you identify and select talent quickly through a number of key features and services:

  • Custom Content: We work with you to build a custom assessment that reports back on only those qualities that matter most in the role and your organization so you can identify and get back to your best candidate’s quickly

  • Confidence in the Results: Hiring managers feel the need to validate results through additional interviews when using a generic assessment. HighMatch custom assessments help them make confident decisions faster
  • Fast & Mobile: Our assessments are short and built for mobile, which means more candidates complete them. More candidates means a larger sample set to select from, and ensures qualified candidates don’t fall out

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‘Hiring Better’ Fact Sheet

They look great on paper, sail through the interview, only to turn out as an entirely different person when they show up for work their first day. Sound familiar?

Download our Hiring Better Fact Sheet for additional facts on the benefits of a great hire and the cascading effects of a bad hire on your organization, and learn how the right assessment solution can help you hire your next rockstar.


They Trust HighMatch

How Does it Work?

Choose from HighMatch’s packaged assessments or create a customized assessment that is rigorously tested by our I/O psychologists to include the singular traits, abilities, and skills that define a successful hire at your organization.

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  • Hiring Profiles: We create custom hiring profiles based on your needs and the specifics of the job that act as a yardstick for the highest-quality candidates
  • Assessments: We measure personality traits, cognitive abilities, and a wide variety of skills, all backed by the latest in IO psychology. We also create customized assessments to measure what matters to your organization
  • Interview Guides: Our Interview Guide is tailored to each candidate, with consistent question prompts to dive deeper into potential issues


Wayne Homes Improves Speed to Hire Using a Screening Filter

A HighMatch client was able to increase their overall quality of hires and speed up their hiring process using our pre-screening capabilities. Read our case study to better understand how they did it.

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