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Finding the best candidates in a tight labor market is extremely hard. These days, you need to move quickly in order to lock down a qualified candidate before they get taken. But how can you reliably identify quality when speed is so important?

HighMatch Can Help

HighMatch’s in-house team of workplace psychologists can conduct a Job Analysis that helps you identify the specific traits, aptitudes, and hard skills that indicate success in a role. That way, when you see these qualities in a candidate, you can get to an offer quicker.

On top of that, we offer several solutions that help improve hiring efficiency: HighMatch Screen-Out filters out low-fit candidates, HighMatch Screen-In matches candidates to multiple open roles simultaneously, and HighMatch Assess quickly identifies each candidate’s Job Fit.

Winning the war for talent is only getting harder:

Of employers reported they were hiring for new roles in 2021

Of employers are expecting to do more virtual/remote hirinG

of candidates have received two or more offers simultaneously when applying for jobs

How HighMatch Helps You Win the War for Talent

  • Science-backed Results: Hiring Managers can be confident in reliable assessment results which speeds up the hiring process
  • Fast & Mobile: Our assessments are short and built for mobile, which means our completion rates are higher and you get your results faster

How Does it Work?

You reach out and schedule a meeting with a member of our team and then we help you find a solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Our solutions are all crafted by our team of expert workplace psychologists and can help you identify the traits, aptitudes, and hard skills that define success in your organization.

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  • Job Profiles: We create job profiles based on your organization and role-specific needs that measure how likely candidates are to succeed
  • Assessments: Our assessments can measure behavioral traits, cognitive aptitudes, and a wide variety of hard skills. Each assessment is backed by the latest workplace psychology research and is designed by our team of psychologists.
  • Interview Playbooks: Our Interview Playbooks are personalized for each candidate and act as a tool for providing consistent interviews that dive deep into both potential issues and strengths

They Trust HighMatch


Wayne Homes Improves Time to Hire Using a Screening Filter

Wayne Homes was able to increase their overall quality of hires and speed up their hiring process using HighMatch. Read our case study to better understand how they did it.

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‘Hiring Better’ Fact Sheet

Do you struggle with candidates that look great on paper, sail through the interview, only to be entirely different from what they showed you?

Our Hiring Better Fact Sheet can help you learn how the right assessment solution can help you avoid situations like these. This fact sheet also contains facts on the benefits of great hires and the cascading effects of a bad hires in your organization.


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