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Compete for Talent

HighMatch is a personalized assessment solution that helps you effectively compete for talent by identifying candidates who align with your roles and culture.

HighMatch Can Help

Competing for talent these days requires talent teams find ways to filter out poor-fit candidates and get qualified candidates to the offer stage faster than their peers.

HighMatch’s workplace psychologists partner with you to identify what matters most in the role and your culture, and build a personalized assessment strategy.

These assessments, delivered at each stage of the hiring process, help you quickly identify best-fit candidates, enabling you to get to an offer quicker.

Find best-fit candidates with Assess

Our personalized assessment product measures candidates against the qualities that matter most, using your preferred language

Know candidates with Interview

Create a consistent, unbiased interview experience across the entire hiring talent team with HighMatch’s Interview product

Filter candidates with Screen

Screen out non-viable applicants automatically using our Screening product and free up recruiters to focus on high potential candidates

How it works

The first step to effectively competing for talent is to identify what makes for an effective hire in your roles and culture.

Our workplace psychologists identify those measures through research-backed methods, from benchmarking tenured employees to focus groups with employees in the role.

The result is intuitive and personalized candidate reports and interview playbooks that help your hiring managers make better hiring decisions FASTER, based on data, not intuition.

assessment Reports

HighMatch reports have intuitive dashboards that help you quickly see whether a candidate align with your culture and share the qualities of your most tenured employees.

Those include:

  • Single Score: a single roll-up performance score
  • Custom Ranges: flexible, client-defined score ranges
  • Topic Scores: tailored topic scores for key sections
  • Answers Tab: easily review answers to questions
  • Action Tabs: email or call applicants with one click
  • Interview Guides: tailored question prompts
  • Development Tips: recommendations for improvement

HighMatch reports use your organization’s preferred language, which means recruiters and hiring managers can see at-a-glance which candidates align best with the culture and role.

see a sample report

roi of pre-employment assessments

The CAP found the cost to replace an employee who makes less than $30,000 per year is 16% of their salary.

The cost to replace someone who makes more than $75,000 is 20% of their salary.

To see how much you could save by reducing your annual turnover, check out our ROI Calculator below!

calculate my roi

Winning the war for talent is only getting harder:

Of employers reported they were hiring for new roles in 2021

Of employers are expecting to do more virtual/remote hirinG

of candidates have received two or more offers simultaneously when applying for jobs

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