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Adding Custom Questions to an assessment can help tailor the results specifically for your unique role and organization. But how do you create questions that are both predictive and free of potential bias?

What are Custom Questions?

When an employee doesn’t work out, the reasons are often hyper-specific to that unique role and organization.

Assessments that lack the ability to ask custom questions can’t assess for these hyper-specific requirements, leading to poor hiring decisions and higher turnover.

Our workplace psychologists partner with in-house teams to develop, validate and integrate custom questions into our product suite, adding additional personalization that leads to actionable, relevant insights.

HighMatch Custom Questions Are:


Adding Custom Questions to your assessment ensures insights gained with be relevant and specific to your role and organization.


HighMatch Custom Questions as your role evolves, ensuring it is always relevant regardless of changes to the role or cultural landscape.


You can use Custom Questions to screen applicants, assess candidates or benchmark employees – it’s entirely up to you.

How Custom Questions
optimize your workplace

Sometimes what makes the difference between a great employee and a poor one is less about their general traits and abilities and more about a specific requirement, skill or knowledge unique to the role.

In those cases, an off-the-shelf assessment solution simply won’t provide you with the relevant insights you need to make a good hiring decision, which can lead to higher turnover and lower team morale.

Our research-backed service helps identify those critical competencies that lead to success and incorporate questions into our assessment solutions that provide insights into these at every stage of the hiring process.

Your team gets insights into the things that matter most, leading to better hiring decisions, higher retention and improved team morale.


Wayne Homes uses HighMatch to Identify Qualified Applicants

Hear from Michael Luckie-Ewing, former VP of People and Culture at Wayne Homes, a custom home builder serving 5 states for over 40 years.

Michael and his team used HighMatch to better filter applicants for the qualities and skills that contribute to success across every role in their organization.

How the process works

HighMatch’s psychologists will start by interviewing subject matter experts at your organization, those individuals who have seen firsthand those employees who have been successful in the role and those who have not.

Those subject matter experts (SME’s) can include TA team members, hiring managers – even former employees in those roles – anyone who can articulate the differences between those that work out and those that don’t.

From there are workplace psychologists will craft custom questions specific to the role and your culture. They’ll go through a content validation process to ensure those questions are directly related to aspects of the job, and develop scoring standards based on SME ratings.

Once those have been defined, our team will integrate these questions into one or more of our assessment products based on the defined need.

Adverse Impact Analysis Add-On

For those enterprise organizations who have completed both a job analysis and a validation study either internally or through an engagement with HighMatch, but have yet to complete an adverse impact study (or would prefer one be completed by an independent party), HighMatch’s Services team can help.

Our in-house team of psychologists will partner with your team to perform a holistic adverse impact analysis, including a statistical review of hiring decisions that were made using data and insights derived from your assessment to determine whether discrimination is indicated in those decisions.

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“I really appreciate that the assessment gives us better insight into how the person may enjoy the responsibilities in a given role. It allows us to compare current A-players to potential hires to make better hiring decisions.”


Real World Scenario

A large financial institution is struggling to find candidates who had the necessary knowledge and ability to be successful in a unique analyst position at their company.

They had existing questions they asked candidates to assess for these competencies during the interview process, but the questions felt outdated and potentially biased, and they wanted to move the process further up in the hiring funnel.

By partnering with HighMatch, their existing questions could get modernized, new, more robust questions could get developed, and these questions could be selectively added to multiple HighMatch products at each stage of the hiring cycle.

As a result, this financial institution would be able to screen applicants for the desired knowledge and ability using HighMatch Screen, and for those that possess it, assess their level of experience using HighMatch Assess and Interview.

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