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HighMatch Webinars provide insight from industry experts on all stages of the hiring process, from planning to onboarding, to help your organization find the best talent.

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HighMatch webinar

Early Tenure Turnover: Stop the Revolving Door of Hires

Dr. Craig Ellis (Head of I-O Psychology) and Sarah Eck (CRO) discuss the root causes of early attrition, how to identify them, and ways to secure the right talent from the start.

Craig and Sarah also offer insights derived from working with several large organizations to reduce early turnover, including an example of a food distributor who reduced their turnover by more than 72% in under 3 months.

HighMatch webinar

AI vs. Humans: Improve Hiring Efficiency

Dr. Craig Ellis (Head of I-O Psychology) and Sarah Eck (Chief Revenue Officer) discuss the best strategies to leverage automation for high-quality hiring results while lowering recruiter stress.

Craig and Sarah highlight how thoughtful implementation of automation leads to a faster hiring process, better candidate experience, and higher quality of data for decision making.

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