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Our Finance Skills Assessment Test is the perfect fit for HR teams working in finance looking for actionable insights into prospective candidates.

The financial services sector was transforming even before the events of the last year, moving towards contactless payments, personalization and the decoupling of financial activities from physical locations.

This new way of doing business requires a new breed of employees, and finding those people with the right skill set who also have the necessary personality traits to be trusted to work remotely and align with company culture falls squarely on already overworked recruitment teams.

We have 15+ years of experience partnering with HR Teams at a variety of financial services companies. Over time, we have developed an understanding of the qualities that influence success in each role, and can filter your candidate pipeline to ensure only qualified candidates move forward.

Some of our financial services clients include:

We have experience identifying high quality candidates to fill popular roles, such as:

  • Risk Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Private Equity Analyst
  • Retail Banking Associate

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HighMatch Financial Services
Skills Assessment Test

HighMatch Talent Insights Platform includes a highly configurable finance skills assessment test that’s fast, easy to implement and measures both personality and aptitude right out-of-the-box, as well as a fully custom solution that measures individual qualities that matter most to you.

Both solutions can be combined with skills assessments, either from our strategic partnership with one of the largest skills testing providers, or our native skills offerings

Combining skills testing with soft skills assessments can provide a holistic view of a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job, leading to better hiring decisions.

Financial Services
Personality Traits

There are a number of personality traits that often align with success in a role in the financial services sector, and are frequently requested by our clients.

Don’t see a trait you want to measure?
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  • Adaptability/Flexibility: being open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace
  • Attention to Detail: being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks
  • Dependability: being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations
  • Integrity: being honest and ethical
  • Persistence: persistence in the face of obstacles

“I love the ease of the solution, uploading job descriptions and having assessment custom adjusted for the need is fantastic.”

Controller, Organizational Management

Financial Services
Aptitude Abilities

While not as exhaustive a list as personality traits, there are also several aptitude abilities that often align with success in a role in the financial services sector.

Don’t see a trait you want to measure?
Connect with a Product Specialist today to learn how we can measure and report on any singular trait or ability you believe equate to success.


  • Spatial Visualization: the ability to hold, manipulate, and think about three dimensions. This ability has direct bearing on someone’s ability to work with physical/digital systems (both physical and digital) that have multiple parts and components that contribute to the overall system
  • Vocabulary: the measure of the richness of someone’s vocabulary.  It has direct bearing on their fluidity in communication and their ability to process and understand written documents and spoken instructions – as well as the ability to write and speak clearly
  • Rapid Problem Solving: the ability to deal with many problems, one after another quickly. It requires developed abstract reasoning skills to quickly recognize links and commonalities between seemingly unrelated objects.  It has direct bearing on a candidate’s ability to diagnose problems and develop solutions quickly
  • Logical Problem Solving: measures the ability to think through large, complex problems in a linear, step-by-step way.  It has direct bearing on an individual’s ability to weigh pros and cons of potential decisions, consider the consequences of potential courses of action, and choose the option that is most sensible


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Financial Services Skills

In addition to those traits and abilities mentioned above, there are several hard skills that candidates often have to demonstrate knowledge and experience in to be considered viable candidates in finance.

Don’t see a skill you want to measure?  Have an existing custom skills test that you need help with? Request a skills consult from our in-house team of psychologists.


  • Cash Handling: This test is designed to access a person’s ability to recognize the various bills and coins of U.S. currency, to add and subtract using bills and coins, and to accurately make change
  • Financial Math: The Financial Math test covers a variety of topics such as interest, ratios, banking, and basic arithmetic. This test is appropriate to administer to those who will be required to perform financial math on the job
  • Office Phone Etiquette: The focus of this test is on evaluating a person’s communication skills along with their ability to recognize proper phone etiquette and the best way to handle calls
  • Sales Concepts: The Sales Concepts assessment was created to assess the skill level of a sales representative. It can be used in any industry as it covers the skills needed to be successful in sales

HighMatch offers the ability to test candidates for all of these skills and many more through our strategic partnership with a leading skills provider.  Find out more by connecting with our services team.

HighMatch Finance Skills Assessment Test

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