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Candidate Experience

An assessment solution with a low completion rate can impact your candidate pool and lead to qualified candidates dropping out of the hiring process.

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Built for Today’s Candidates

HighMatch’s platform was built from the ground up with the mobile candidate experience foremost in mind.

It features a streamlined assessment which avoids fallout due to test fatigue, an intuitive interface that reduces text anxiety and inclusive language to ensure traditionally marginalized groups feel welcomed.

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HighMatch assessment Experience

HighMatch’s modern assessment delivery platform provides a fast, friendly and inclusive experience for candidates.

Features include:

  • SMS invitations and reminders
  • Embeddable video and audio player
  • Customizable scoring and reporting
  • Integrated calculator for advanced math
  • ATS integrations with all leading solutions
  • Conversational AI workflow integrations
  • ADA / WCAG-2 compliance for accessibility

A more inclusive candidate experience, optimized for mobile, leads to a more diverse candidate pool, higher completion rates and less abandonment. See it in action today!

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HighMatch Assessment Platform

SMS Invitations

Get more responses

Research has consistently shown that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% for email.

HighMatch offers the ability to send invitations and reminders via both SMS and email, ensuring your candidates receive your invitations and reminders.

Mobile-First Design

meet candidates where they are

To ensure the highest completion rates, you need to meet candidates where they are – on their mobile devices.

Our assessment was developed specifically for use on mobile devices, with multiple choice questions, intuitive drawer navigation and mobile-optimized aspect ratios.

Personalized Assessments

Get more answers by asking less questions

HighMatch is a fully personalized assessment platform that measures only those competencies that are most important in the role and in your culture.

Our assessments are significantly shorter in length, which translates to higher completion rates and less drop-off.

ADA / WCAG-2 Compliance

expand your candidate pool

Ensuring your assessments are inclusive and welcoming to traditionally marginalized groups is a necessity these days.

HighMatch assessments are ADA compliant, use inclusive language and provide a suite of accessibility options, leading to less abandonment and higher completion rates.

Foreign Language Support

Connect in their native language

Global organizations require solutions that support a wide variety of languages to ensure a consistent hiring experience. 

HighMatch solves this particular challenge, offering support for any language and the ability to trigger the correct assessment based on a candidate’s location.

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