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HighMatch is a modern pre-employment assessment that measures the traits and abilities predictive of success on the job.

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How Are We Different?

At HighMatch, our team believes that solving complex hiring and retention challenges requires tailored solutions rather than generic, off-the-shelf products. 

HighMatch uses rigorous job profiles to personalize our assessments, ensuring you are evaluating candidates on qualities that define success in your role & organization.  

HighMatch Will Help:

Improve your ability to effectively compete for the best talent available.

Make better hiring decisions at scale using data instead of guesswork.

Conduct effective, consistent interviews with interview guides.

Improve the efficiency of your hiring process, saving you time and money.

Dramatically reduce turnover and increase employee retention.

Create a more inclusive hiring process devoid of unconscious bias.

Assessment Types:

HighMatch personalized assessments measures a candidate or employee’s innate traits and abilities using a battery of questions validated by over 500 criterion-related validation studies, as well as their hard skills, knowledge and judgement.


Measures candidate’s motivators, communication style and work ethic

Cognitive Aptitude

Measures critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem-solving ability

Hard Skills

Measures candidate’s ability to perform role-critical tasks

Personalization Options:

Leveraging a mix of science-backed services, our team of workplace psychologists builds a tailored personalization strategy for every client that delivers the actionable, relevant insights they need to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Job Profiles

A tailored set of desired qualities that all candidates are measured against


A scientific study that identifies the 
qualities shared by top performers

Job Analysis

A science-validated job profile and JD
based on the needs of the role

Custom Questions

Unique questions written and validated
by workplace psychologists

Culture Match

Science-validated questions used
for role/organization alignment


HighMatch’s platform is fully configurable, with custom weighting applied using a job profile developed in partnership with our team.

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HighMatch was built with the candidate experience in mind, including a streamlined, mobile-ready assessment that reduces test anxiety.

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HighMatch’s intuitive reports provide the data and insights your team needs to screen, interview and hire candidates with confidence.

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Wayne Homes uses HighMatch to Identify Qualified Applicants

Hear from Michael Luckie-Ewing, former VP of People and Culture at Wayne Homes, a custom home builder serving five states for over 40 years.

Michael and his team used HighMatch to better filter applicants for the qualities and skills that contribute to success across every role in their organization.

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Check out our G2 profile for testimonials from professionals just like you, and better understand why we’re rated the “Easiest To Use” pre-employment assessment.

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