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HighMatch is a modern approach to pre-employment assessments, delivering personalized insights to talent teams at every stage of the hiring cycle, leading to better matches and happier employees.

Hiring is Hard. And It’s Only Gotten Harder.

Today’s candidate is different, empowered by a hot job market and driven by the desire for a quick, mobile first application experience. This evolution, in turn, has exacerbated historic challenges across the entire hiring cycle, from recruiter overload to increases in turnover.

Many of today’s assessment solutions, built in a different era for a different type of candidate, simply aren’t capable of providing the insights modern companies need at every stage of the hiring process.

Enter HighMatch…

The right hire can have an exponential impact on the company, the culture and the individual.

HighMatch helps hiring teams identify those matches throughout the hiring process by placing equal weight on the candidate experience and the recruiter experience.

When candidates and recruiters feel confident there is an appropriate match, companies experience less turnover, happier employees and a more inclusive hiring process.

They Trust HighMatch

How Does It Work?

HighMatch’s talent insights platform combines a mix of modular cognitive, personality and skills testing with a full suite of services from our in-house psychologists.

Rather than add steps, we modernize your process, providing unparalleled insights into the both the job and the candidate at each stage of the hiring process.

This ensures candidates put their best foot forward and enables recruiters to focus on those candidates who are the best possible fit for the job and the company culture.

HighMatch helps solve your most difficult hiring challenges

Avoiding Unconscious Bias

HighMatch helps eliminate unconscious bias, resulting in a more diverse candidate pool and a more inclusive hiring process.

Making Better Hiring Decisions

HighMatch helps you identify candidates who align best with the needs of the role, leading to better hires that contribute value more quickly.

Improving recruiter efficiency

HighMatch helps recruiters avoid candidate overload, especially on high volume roles, resulting in less waste and a more efficient hiring process.

Effectively Compete for talent

Finding the best available talent in a tight labor market is hard. Our psychologists show you what success looks like, so when you see it, you know it. 

Reducing turnover

HighMatch can help significantly reduce turnover and improve retention by filtering out candidates whose innate traits don’t align with the role.

What HighMatch Measures

Our pre-employment assessment test measures the personality traits, aptitude abilities and skills that are predictive of success in a specific role at your company.

We believe you know what qualities translate into success, so we measure those qualities.


Gain valuable insight into a candidate’s motivations, communication style, preferences, and emotional qualities that will directly affect their job performance.


Gain insights into a candidate’s innate abilities that impact job performance, from how quickly they are likely to learn on the job to how they solve problems in novel situations.


Gain an unbiased measurement of a candidate’s ability to perform or understand a particular task with HighMatch’s massive library of skills testing for every role and industry.

Our Services team can create a fully custom assessment that measures what matters most to you, reporting in your language, not ours. We can even ingest and modernize an existing assessment.

How HighMatch Measures It

Our in-house team of industrial and organizational psychologists are a critical part of every client solution.

They partner with clients to understand their current challenges, develop a hiring profile reflective of the needs of the role, configure the assessment to ensure its accurate in its predictive ability and providing insights that lead to better hiring decisions.

Configurable job Profiles

For smaller businesses or larger organizations looking to move quickly, our packaged solution, customized through the application and configuration of a job profile template, helps identify candidates that have the discrete qualities necessary for success in the position.

Customizable job Profiles

For larger organizations or those with a particularly problematic hiring challenge, our custom solution, powered by a custom profile developed using a job analysis to identify the gaps between what the job requires and the way that job is being done, dials in on the critical KSAO’s necessary for success.

The HighMatch Platform

HighMatch’s Talent Insights Platform includes two core platforms aligned to the needs of businesses of all sizes, and custom built to ensure the best possible candidate experience with the highest completion rates.


Berke is a fast, accurate pre-employment assessment developed over the last 15+ years by a team of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists. It can be configured to your specific job and company culture, which helps your teams better evaluate candidates relative to the role and ultimately make more informed hiring decisions. 


Compass is a highly customized hiring solution combining a suite of services led by our team of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists with a modern, mobile-first assessment platform that delivers unparalleled insights into your candidate pool using your language, not ours, which increases hiring manager adoption rates.

Our Process

Our team of psychologists and support staff engage with clients to understand the root behaviors leading to their current pain points, and identify ways to solve those challenges using a mix of technology, business acumen and science. 

We develop a solution using a holistic mix of content and services, and demonstrate how the proposed solution will measurably impact relevant KPIs and help mitigate pain points.

We deploy our services team and field our custom assessments, applying predictive analytics to responses and providing objective analysis and insights from the factors collected.

We align our data use and reporting with client’s specific needs, from automated screening to helping inform interviews, and deliver insights in whatever form is preferred by clients.


HighMatch’s platform is fully customizable and configurable, with a flexible content model, custom weighting and scoring and dynamic reporting.

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HighMatch was built with the candidate experience foremost in mind, including a streamlined, mobile-ready assessment that reduces test anxiety.

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HighMatch’s intuitive reports provide the data and insights your team needs to screen, interview and hire candidates with confidence.

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