industry: Real Estate
challenge: Turnover Reduction

Shea Properties Lowers Turnover with HighMatch

Shea Properties is a leader in the real estate industry because of its unique approach to transforming land into premier living, working, and shopping environments.


  • Implement a more actionable assessment
  • Understand the ideal candidate profile


  • Analyze employees and develop hiring profiles
  • Address candidate red flags during the hiring process


  • Highly accurate assessment results
  • More successful hires and lower turnover


A cumbersome and confusing assessment process

As the operator of 7,500 apartment units and 5 million square feet of commercial space, managers at Shea Properties are continually in hiring mode. Before choosing HighMatch, Shea Properties used two separate assessment tools and managers struggled interpreting the candidate reports.

Joeann Lomax, Shea’s Director of Human Resources, told us, “One of the assessment tools required our hiring managers to go through a two-day training class just to interpret the results, which was a challenge in itself.

The bigger issue was that between the two assessments we’d get all this information back about a particular candidate, but nothing told us how that person would fit with a specific job.”

With assessment results left open to interpretation, managers had mixed results identifying the best candidates. They had trouble identifying red flags that indicated where candidates might struggle in a job. There were also instances of managers believing certain qualities were important to success, only to find later what they thought would be an advantage didn’t actually matter.


Develop job specific reports and hiring profiles

Shea Properties moved away from their legacy assessments and relied solely on HighMatch. The HighMatch team analyzed key roles and benchmarked high performers to identify the traits Shea should target in future hires. Low performing employees were also analyzed to determine which traits to avoid in the future.

With that information, hiring profiles were created that mapped the most important qualities for each job. As soon as managers began comparing candidates to the newly developed hiring profiles, the missing piece fell into place. Managers found the job match ratings and descriptive details easy to read and interpret. At a glance, managers could now see if they were on the right track.


A better hiring process and lower turnover

Shea has evidence that dealing with candidate red flags during the interview overwhelmingly reduces turnover down the road.

Joeann likes how HighMatch reports push managers to consider the impact of “red flags” before making hiring decisions. Managers also find the assessment results to be highly accurate. Joeanne says that from the top down managers have embraced HighMatch.

She finds that when the company’s executives are considering new hires, the first question they ask is whether they have taken HighMatch.

“[HighMatch] has become a key component of our hiring process. Our managers can’t do without it. There is no more struggling to figure out how and where a candidate matches a job’s requirements. [HighMatch] does it for us.”

Joeann Lomax, Director of Human Resources

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Shea Properties

Shea Properties is a leader in the real estate industry because of its unique approach to transforming land into premier living, working, and shopping environments.

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