Health Choice One Partners with HighMatch to Identify the Best Sales Agents

Health Choice One is a different kind of insurance company. Since 2002, they have been committed to making the health insurance buying experience positive.


  • Determine the traits most critical for success
  • Balance gut instinct with objective data
  • Better employee coaching tools


  • Conduct benchmark study to identify critical traits
  • Hire agents whose scores meet target ranges
  • Use HighMatch reports to understand employee motivation


  • More efficient hiring process
  • More successful new hires
  • Improved employee development plans


finding the right candidates

Health Choice One’s mission is “to leave clients better off than they were before.” Their Sales Agents take an educational, no pressure approach to finding the best insurance plan for their customers. Many of the personality factors that impact who will be able to master Health Choice One’s preferred style are hard to measure through conversations. Consequently, recruiting Sales Agents was difficult.


Custom-built methods for identifying success traits

The HighMatch team performed a benchmark study with Health Choice One’s employees and determined the personality traits shared by the most successful personnel. Through this process, it was discovered that a person’s level of Intensity and Responsiveness were the most significant predictors of success.

However, gauging these traits is hard. Some people keep it on the inside, whereas others display the traits outwardly. HighMatch positioned Health Choice One for success by providing the tools to identify candidates who possessed the optimal level of Responsiveness and Intensity.


A stronger pool of candidates
& happier employees

Utilizing The HighMatch Assessment made Health Choice One’s hiring process more effective and efficient. HighMatch helps them hire more productive Sales Agents. Hiring Managers have the data to make decisions faster because there is less debate over the fit of a candidate.

To validate HighMatch data, Health Choice One did not consider the HighMatch Job Fit Rating when hiring a subset of new employees. Within one year, 90% of the group that HighMatch classified as a medium or low fit was no longer in the business. Now, HighMatch is a vital element in their decision-making process.

Managers also value HighMatch reports for employee coaching and development. When they hire new agents who have similar traits to existing employees, they can predict roadblocks and successes, enabling them to be more proactive in employee development.

Additionally, HighMatch reports provide managers with an understanding of motivation factors and preferred communication styles so they can tailor their approach to each employee. The result is happier, more productive employees.

“HighMatch has been critical to our success.
I wouldn’t want to recruit without it.”

Dorian Auld, Sales Director

Health Choice One

Health Choice One is a different kind of insurance company.  Since 2002, they have been committed to making the health insurance buying experience positive.

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