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Business Services

Our Business Services Solution helps modern talent teams at these organizations identify qualified candidates at scale that align with their unique roles and company culture.

Personalized assessments

HR teams at business services organizations need an efficient hiring process that identifies candidates at all job levels that align with both the role and company culture.

HighMatch’s personalized assessment solution includes independently validated measures that can assess a candidate’s for only those specific qualities that matter most in the role, using your preferred language.

They Trust HighMatch:

Accounting Services

We have developed personalized assessments for accounting firms of all sizes for a number of roles, including:

  • Auditor
  • Controller
  • Bookkeeper
  • Staff Accountant
  • Finance Manager

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What Qualities Lead to Success
in a Services organization?

Our workplace psychologists have partnered with a wide range of clients in this space, from large ad agencies hiring hundreds to niche management consulting firms.

While there are specific qualities that are shared across organizations in this space, every role and culture is unique.

Which is why every assessment from HighMatch is personalized to measure what matters most in your unique business. Curious how it works?

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Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting Solution, personalized for your specific roles and organization, is the perfect fit for consulting firms looking to scale up quickly in roles such as:

  • Business Architect
  • Financial Consultant
  • Associate Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Process Consultant

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HighMatch Reports

HighMatch reports are highly personalized, from the competencies reported on to sections, measures, ranges and targets ~ even the look and feel can be tailored to your needs.

All reports Include:

  • Single Score: a single roll-up performance score
  • Custom Ranges: flexible, client-defined score ranges
  • Topic Scores: tailored topic scores for key sections
  • Answers Tab: easily review answers to questions
  • Action Tabs: email or call applicants with one click

All content shown for each measure across all sections can be tailored to your needs, using your preferred language.

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Sample candidate report

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Our Agency Solution, personalized for your specific agency culture and roles, is the perfect fit for HR Teams at agencies of all sizes looking for high quality candidates in roles such as:

  • Account Executive
  • Copywriters
  • Digital Advertising Manager
  • Digital Strategist
  • Media Planner

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Measuring Culture Fit

Business Services organizations share a desire to find candidates who will not only excel in the role they are applying for, but also exhibit those qualities that lead to success in the organization.

Candidates who check both boxes tend to stay longer and are more likely to grow into leadership roles in the organization.

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Recruiting & Staffing Firms

Our Recruiting & Staffing Solution helps recruiting professionals create differentiation in a crowded marketplace while better serving their clients. 

These Firms partner with us for:

  • Competitive Differentiation   
  • Candidate Validation
  • Interview Guides

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JWilliams Staffing Relies on HighMatch to Accelerate Sales

Learn how HighMatch helped JWilliams Staffing differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market by screening out poor fit candidates before the client’s ever see them.


JWilliams Staffing case study
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“[HighMatch] is a great tool for assessing people for a specific job and working with others.”

Consultant, Management Consulting

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