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Hiring the wrong person can lead to lost productivity, lower engagement, and increased turnover.

Conversely, hiring the right candidate can have wide-reaching positive effects for your whole organization.

So how can you find your best candidates?

HighMatch Can Help

HighMatch’s platform meets the growing and specific needs of your organization and provides solutions to your specific business problems.

Whether you need to identify the best candidates before you hire, support employee development with science-backed data, automate applicant screening, or perfect your interview process, HighMatch has your back.

Find best-fit candidates with Assess

We work with you to create a personalized Job Profile that candidates are measured against. You get actionable insight that shows which candidates are best suited for the role.

Know candidates with Interview

With HighMatch Interview, talent teams get a personalized interview playbook for each candidate which leads to more informed, data-driven and consistent interviews.

Filter candidates with Screen

With Screen, all non-viable applicants are automatically filtered out, freeing your recruitment team to focus on the most high potential candidates.

Benefits of Good Hires:

the total output produced by the top 5% of workers (400% above expectations)

Of Talent Managers agree that quality of hire is the most valuable metric of performance

OF MANAGERS’ time IS SPENT coaching bad employees

How Does it Work?

Our solutions are all crafted by our team of expert workplace psychologists and can help you identify the traits, aptitudes, and hard skills that define success in the role.

A job profile is built that applies weighting based on these qualities and skills which all candidates are measured against.

The result is intuitive and personalized candidate reports and interview playbooks that help your hiring managers make better hiring decisions based on data, not intuition.

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  • Job Profiles: We create job profiles based on your organization and role-specific needs that measure how likely candidates are to succeed

  • Interview Playbooks: Our Interview Playbooks are personalized for each candidate and act as a tool for providing consistent interviews that dive deep into both potential issues and strengths

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They Trust HighMatch:


Wayne Homes Improves Quality of Hires Using a Screening Filter

Using our pre-hire screening, Wayne Homes was able to greatly improve their quality of hires. Read our case study below to find out more.

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Do you struggle with candidates that look great on paper, sail through the interview, and then turn out to be an entirely different person from what they showed you?

Our Hiring Better Fact Sheet can help you learn how the right assessment solution can help, and includes hard truths on the benefits of great hires and the cascading effects of a bad hires.


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