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Candidate Reports

HighMatch reports provide a wealth of candidate and employee insights using your preferred language, which improves hiring manager adoption.

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relevant insights

HighMatch reports are highly visual, with an intuitive dashboard that can show a roll up score, along with more detailed scores for each competency you want to measure.

Best of all, HighMatch reports are fully customizable, down to the look and feel, and use your preferred language, not obscure psychological terms, to describe competencies.

When reports provide data-driven insights using terms TA teams and hiring managers easily understand, adoption and active usage rates increase significantly.

Dashboard Report

The HighMatch Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of how a candidate performed relative to the needs of the role, and how closely they align with your organization’s culture.

The Dashboard includes an optional single roll-up score with weighting defined during implementation. This score can be shared with an ATS solution to trigger automated workflows.

It also includes a breakdown of competency scores, with flexible ranges defined through research, with clear indicators for user scores and ideal ranges.

Science behind the assessments

HighMatch assessments are designed to measure individual differences in psychological traits, abilities, and skills, and have been built by I-O Psychologists according to the latest standards in the field.  

All assessments have undergone rigorous analysis, including multiple rounds of data collection to ensure validity, reliability and fairness across multiple device types, by a team of I-O Psychologists and Psychometricians.

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details report

The HighMatch Details report provides insights into candidate’s responses to the assessment.

For behavioral and aptitude tests, this includes personalized insights into each competency, inclusive of a summary based on their score and identified areas of potential concern.

For those assessments that measure a skill, knowledge or minimum qualifications, this section shows the candidate response along with the correct answers.

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interview report (optional)

HighMatch Interview report provides guided interview questions personalized based on the candidate’s responses.

These question prompts help hiring manager’s dive deeper into potential areas of concern and help avoid potential bias in the interview process due to improper questioning.

HighMatch Interview, our hosted interview solution, takes this further by guiding hiring teams through consistently formatted questions personalized to the role and organization.

HighMatch Services team

Our team of expert workplace psychologists come from the top Industrial-Organizational Psychology programs in the US, and are an integral part of every client solution.

They partner with clients to understand what needs to be measured, develop a tailored measurement plan and build a personalized assessment solution inclusive of a suite of reports aligned to their specific needs and audiences.

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development Report (optional)

The HighMatch Development report includes personalized coaching tips based on candidate responses.

Since candidate assessment results are securely stored and always accessible, Hiring Managers can use this report through multiple stages of the employment lifecycle.

Often clients will use these insights during onboarding to address any potential needs relative to the role, and will use this again during reviews if the issues haven’t been addressed.

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