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Increase Workplace Diversity

HighMatch is a personalized assessment solution that helps to limit unconscious bias, which can often lead to qualified minority candidates being underrepresented.

HighMatch Can Help

Left unchecked, hiring bias can lead to losses in engagement, productivity, retention, and profitability.

HighMatch combines decades of adverse impact testing with a suite of products and features built specifically to minimize the potential for unconscious bias.

How HighMatch Helps promote diversity and inclusion

Accessible assessments

Accessibility and ease-of-use is essential, which is why HighMatch assessments include a suite of accommodation features.

standardized interviews

Interview Guides provide standardized questions specific to each candidate which limits the potential for biased hiring.

language support

HighMatch’s platform enables you to add foreign language prompts to include a wider variety of candidates in your pipeline.

How it works

Our team connects with your hiring teams to understand where you feel you are falling short when it comes to ensuring a diverse workforce and an inclusive hiring process.

From there, our team of workplace psychologists develops a personalized assessment solution aimed at ensuring your hiring process is objective, fair and devoid of bias.

Ready to hear how we can help solve your diversity and inclusion challenges? Connect with our team today!

assessment Reports

HighMatch reports have intuitive dashboards that help you quickly see whether a candidate align with your culture and share the qualities of your most tenured employees.

Those include:

  • Single Score: a single roll-up performance score
  • Custom Ranges: flexible, client-defined score ranges
  • Topic Scores: tailored topic scores for key sections
  • Answers Tab: easily review answers to questions
  • Action Tabs: email or call applicants with one click
  • Interview Guides: tailored question prompts
  • Development Tips: recommendations for improvement

HighMatch reports use your organization’s preferred language, which means recruiters and hiring managers can see at-a-glance which candidates align best with the culture and role.

see a sample report

roi of pre-employment assessments

The CAP found the cost to replace an employee who makes less than $30,000 per year is 16% of their salary.

The cost to replace someone who makes more than $75,000 is 20% of their salary.

To see how much you could save by reducing your annual turnover, check out our ROI Calculator below!

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