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Increase Diversity in the Workplace

Unconscious bias has a massive impact on the hiring process. Hiring managers often hire candidates based on shared interests and experiences, which can lead to qualified minority candidates being underrepresented.

HighMatch Can Help

Left unchecked, hiring bias can lead to losses in engagement, productivity, retention, and profitability, as well as increased risk of litigation.

HighMatch combines decades of adverse impact testing with features built specifically to minimize the potential for unconscious bias, resulting in predictive and bias-free tools.

Higher Rates of Diversity and Inclusion Can Lead To:

Diverse organizations are 35% more likely to perform better financially.

Companies with equal numbers of men and women earn 41% more revenue.

Highly inclusive cultures experience 2.3x more cash flow per employee.

How HighMatch Can Help You Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Accessible Assessments

Accessibility and ease-of-use is essential, which is why HighMatch assessments include a suite of accommodation features.

Standardized Interviews

Interview Guides provide standardized questions specific to each candidate which limits the potential for biased hiring.

Language Support

HighMatch’s platform enables you to add foreign language prompts to include a wider variety of candidates in your pipeline.

How Does it Work?

Our team connects with your hiring teams to understand where you feel you are falling short when it comes to ensuring a diverse workforce and an inclusive hiring process.

From there, our team of workplace psychologists develops an assessment solution aimed at ensuring your hiring process is objective, fair and devoid of bias.

Ready to hear how we can help solve your diversity and inclusion challenges? Connect with our team today.

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  • Job Profiles: We create job profiles based on your organization and role-specific needs that measure how likely candidates are to succeed
  • Interview Playbooks: Our Interview Playbooks are personalized for each candidate and act as a tool for providing consistent interviews that dive deep into both potential issues and strengths

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Download our ‘Improving Diversity in the Workplace’ Fact Sheet

Download our Diversity and Inclusion Fact Sheet for additional facts about the cost of unconscious bias and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can help promote diversity in the workplace and remove bias from your hiring process.


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