We validate our tests based on the standards set forth by the EEOC and SIOP to ensure we assess candidates effectively while minimizing adverse impact.

What is Validation?

Assessments are only effective hiring tools if they assess accurately and are applied correctly. Administering an assessment that hasn’t been evaluated rigorously risks wasting your time with unqualified and ill-fitting candidates.

HighMatch’s two-stage approach to validation ensures that your assessments are both relevant and predictive, and that you’re not wasting time with inaccurate metrics.

Collaboration enables personalization

Personalized assessments are based on a true collaboration between assessment experts, talent teams and managers. We work with your team to define the insights you need and the measures required to provide those insights.

Assessment Experts

I-O Psychologists provide research-backed insights into the qualities and skills required for success in the role and company culture.  

Talent Teams

Talent Teams provide insight into the full funnel hiring process, overall corporate identity and aspirational company values.

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers provide subject matter expertise on a role and their preferred language for describing qualities and skills.

Validating Assessment Components

HighMatch’s in-house team of psychologists evaluate each assessment in two stages. The first stage examines the individual components of the assessment.

By analyzing hiring data from your organization and cross-comparing the results to the standards outlined by the EEOC and SIOP, our psychologists ensure each assessment’s components are high-quality questions relevant to the role that provide accurate, meaningful insight on the candidate.

Why Face Validity is Integral

To measure a candidate’s qualification and competencies accurately, the assessment must be relevant to the role–and that’s why face validity is a priority at HighMatch.

Candidates who are faced with questions that seem irrelevant to role they are applying for are less likely to take the assessment seriously or to finish the test at all.

Our psychologists work with your hiring team to design questions that meet industry standards and are tailored specifically to your role and workplace.

Validating the Application Process

The second stage of our validation process takes a look at how the assessment is being administered to candidates to ensure it is applied and utilized correctly.

Our psychologists work with you to understand your needs and hiring process, then work to create an assessment that addresses the measures that are most important.

By rigorously evaluating the assessment as a complete whole, HighMatch ensures each test is short, tailored to the role, and well worth the time spent administrating it.

We’re Committed to Bias-free Insights

We perform rigorous adverse-impact validation testing to ensure that all of our assessments are bias-free.

Additionally, our psychology team strictly adheres to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures as well as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures.

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