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Salaried Workers

HighMatch’s assessments identify candidates for salaried positions that align with your unique roles and values, resulting in a cohesive culture with low turnover.

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Most assessments evaluate candidates against standardized, role-based criteria. These lack the nuance to find the right candidate for your unique roles and culture.


Our Workplace Psychologists partner with your team to understand the unique needs of your roles while identifying the specific criteria salaried candidates need to succeed.

Then, we build a personalized assessment solution that identifies the best candidates for your unique roles and cultural values.

Assessment Types

HighMatch measures select innate traits and abilities as well as hard skills, knowledge and judgement using a battery of questions validated by our team of workplace psychologists. For hourly workers, those questions typically fall into six core capabilities:


Measures candidate’s motivators, communication style and work ethic

Cognitive Aptitude

Measures critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem-solving ability

Hard Skills

Measures a candidate’s ability to perform role-critical tasks


Measure a candidate’s knowledge of job-critical skills and experience

situational Judgement

Understand how a candidate will likely react to on-the-job scenarios

Culture fit

Understand how candidates align with your cultural values.

How it works

At HighMatch, we believe that in order to properly assess candidates for a given role, you need to first understand the traits and abilities that make it unique. And that only happens when hiring managers have a voice at the table.

Every engagement starts with our workplace psychologists working with your teams to fully understand the needs of your roles and those measures that define your culture.

Once we have defined the challenges and needs, our workplace psychologists build your personalized assessment strategy and deploy elements at relevant hiring stages.

Collaboration enables personalization

Personalized assessments are based on a true collaboration between assessment experts, talent teams and hiring managers. We work with your team to define the insights you need and the measures required to provide those insights.

Assessment Experts

I-O Psychologists provide research-backed insights into the qualities and skills required for success in the role and company culture.  

Talent Teams

Talent Teams provide insight into the full funnel hiring process, overall corporate identity and aspirational company values.

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers provide subject matter expertise on a role and their preferred language for describing qualities and skills.

the importance of culture fit

Salaried employees often make up a majority of your workforce and are the group you most want to retain and grow within the organization.

Finding candidates for these roles who align well with your culture is a critical in ensuring they are successful and stay invested in the organization.

Learn how HighMatch uses focus groups to identify those measures that define your culture, and build personalized assessments to measure candidates against those.

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Popular SalarieD roles

HighMatch has created personalized assessments for numerous salaried roles, including:

Sales executives

This solution often uses a Culture Fit evaluation alongside a curated selection of Personality and Cognitive measures.

Customer service

This solution often includes a Culture Fit evaluation, Personality and Cognitive measures, and Situational Judgment testing.

Maintenance technicians

This solution often uses Min Qual, Personality, and Cognitive measures alongside a Job Knowledge test to find qualified technicians.

Science behind the assessments

HighMatch assessments are designed to measure individual differences in psychological traits, abilities, and skills, and have been built by I-O Psychologists according to the latest standards in the field.  

All assessments have undergone rigorous analysis, including multiple rounds of data collection to ensure validity, reliability and fairness across multiple device types, by a team of I-O Psychologists and Psychometricians.

Salaried worker Reports

HighMatch reports are highly visual with intuitive dashboards and detailed results.

Features include:

  • Single Score: a single roll-up performance score
  • Custom Ranges: flexible, client-defined score ranges
  • Topic Scores: tailored topic scores for key sections
  • Answers Tab: easily review answers to questions
  • Action Tabs: email or call applicants with one click
  • Interview Guides: tailored question prompts
  • Development Tips: recommendations for improvement

With HighMatch, recruiters can automatically deploy assessments and share score data with their ATS and Conversational AI to enable automated workflows.

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