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We believe our solution outperforms similar pre-assessment software competitors in the market—and G2, the leader in software reviews, confirms that for us!

What is G2?

G2 is the leading software review website. Customers can submit their reviews and rate software across a variety of categories, such as ease of use and quality of support.

G2 compares software based on customer ratings. A concise series of bar graphs demonstrate the differences between two or more company’s products.

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5 star rating

“HighMatch ensures we don’t have to rely only on gut feel[ing] or surface experience on a resume to get a sense of a candidate’s true commercial tendencies.”

Lisa Sacchetti, CEO of The Renaissance Network

Wonscore from Wonderlic

When it comes to flexibility, Wonderlic is broad and rigid; an off-the-shelf product with limited customization capabilities.

HighMatch is highly personalized and flexible; our workplace psychologists configure the solution to provide insight on those traits and abilities that matter most in the role.

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Criteria brings to the table standardized, pre-packaged assessments involving minimal user customization.

HighMatch offers flexible, role-specific assessments tailored to your organization’s individual needs. Our in-house workplace psychologists configure the solution to provide insight on the traits and abilities most important to the role.

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TestGorilla offers brief, surface-level assessments that provide little insight into your candidates’ potential and involve minimal user customization or adaptability.

HighMatch carefully crafts assessments with quality and accuracy in mind. They are reviewed rigorously by our licensed I-O psychologists to ensure the results are predictive of performance and role-specific to minimize potential bias.

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The Predictive Index

To use their software, The Predictive Index requires you either get certified to configure your assessments or engage with a paid consultant, leading to additional expense and delays.

HighMatch’s in-house team of I/O psychologists configure the assessment to your organization’s needs, minimizing the work on your end and ensuring you can launch quickly.

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Word of Mouth Matters

HighMatch clients rated our solution higher than our competitors’ across almost every category rating in G2.

HighMatch rates 4.8 stars out of 5, and consistently scores as one of the easiest solutions to use, administrate, and do business with.

Don’t take our word for it. See why HighMatch consistently ranks as a leader in the pre-employment assessment category!

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Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right pre-employment assessment solution from the hundreds available can be daunting. To make that process a little easier, we created a Buyer’s Guide.

It’s an objective, downloadable report created by our team of Industrial & Organizational (I/O) psychologists that outlines what to consider when evaluating assessment vendors. 

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