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What is an Employee Skills assessment?

An employee skills assessment is used to evaluate whether or not an individual possesses a specific skill or set of skills. These tests are often included as part of a larger pre-employment assessment to assess how likely an individual is to succeed in an organization.

The following guide will explore the benefits of skills testing, how it works, potential use cases, and some commonly tested skills.

Benefits of skills testing

  • Identify candidate potential: : knowledge about a candidate’s capabilities helps gauge their future success in the role
  • Objective data: objective data about capabilities allows for a more fair comparison and evaluation of candidates
  • Better hiring decisions: information on the candidate’s skills allows your organization to avoid hiring under-skilled candidates
  • Lower training and replacement costs: by hiring adequately skilled candidates, your organization spends less time hiring and getting new hires up to speed

How skill tests work

Employee skills assessments work by providing a series of rigorous questions developed to assess competency in the given skill or set of skills. The individual then answers the questions which are scored for correctness based on an answer key. The score is then measured and can be used to evaluate how competent the individual is with the tested skills.

Skill assessment tests are useful for quickly understanding whether or not a candidate meets the minimum criteria for a position. Skill tests should not be used as the sole basis for making decisions about an individual. Additionally, skill tests need to be developed and validated by a qualified vendor to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Use cases for employee skills assessments

Skill testing is useful for organizations that need to:

  • Screen candidates based on required skills
  • Assess existing employee capabilities
  • Identify training needs

Types of skill tests

  • Hard skills: tests that assess skills such as mathematical fundamentals, accounting, or computer literacy
  • Tool competency: tests for things such as forklift, AutoCAD, or Microsoft Excel competency
  • Language: tests for comprehension or writing ability with a specific language


Skill testing is a valuable asset for organizations looking to identify specific skills in candidates. Skills tests are a good addition to a pre-employment assessment and help provide a more comprehensive view of candidates. When looking for a skills test, make sure to work with a qualified vendor that provides validated assessments.

HIGHMATCH Hard skills tests

HighMatch offers validated tests for a variety of hard skills. With HighMatch skills testing, you can confidently evaluate candidates based on required skills.

HighMatch assessments are built by I-O Psychologists according to the latest standards in the field and undergo rigorous analysis to ensure validity, reliability, and fairness.

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Popular Skills Titles

Try a sample of some of HighMatch’s most popular skills tests! Remember you can choose to use the test in its entirety, select specific components to include or exclude – even add additional questions aligned to your specific role and organization.

Microsoft Excel

A quick, mobile-friendly assessment designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of MS Excel.

try a sample

microsoft word

A fast yet comprehensive assessment designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of MS Word.

Try A sample

microsoft powerpoint

This candidate-friendly assessment tests knowledge of basic and advanced MS Powerpoint.

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math fundamentals

This test assesses candidate’s understanding of common mathematical concepts.

try a sample

Computer Literacy

This fast, mobile-friendly test assesses candidate’s understanding of basic computer use.

coming soon

English Fluency

This fluency test assesses a candidate’s understanding of the English language.

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