industry: Education
challenge: Process Efficiency

UCO Leverages Data for Better Decision Making

The University of Central Oklahoma is one of the state’s top public universities, founded in 1890 and currently educating over 17,000 students.


  • Modernize the hiring process 
  • Rely less on “gut instincts”


  • Integrate HighMatch into the hiring process


  • Accurate data to balance against “gut instinct”
  • New hires produce results earlier


Too many costly hiring mistakes

The talent acquisition at the University of Central Oklahoma felt like it was falling behind the times when it came to its hiring process. Reviewing resumes and conducting interviews simply wasn’t enough. Too many candidates looked good on paper and interviewed well but later fell short on meeting performance expectations.

David Herd, Director of Compensation and Talent Acquisition, recognized that managers were often relying too heavily on their “gut instinct” and needed objective data to help them make better hiring decisions.

“Because the quality of our team is so important to UCO, both in terms of our reputation and the experience we provide to our students, we knew we needed a more effective way to hire,” David said. “Mistakes in this area are very costly, so we wanted our hiring managers to have better information so they could make more informed decisions.”


More data for better decision making

The University determined that integrating an assessment into the process was needed. David scheduled demos with a dozen assessment companies, but was attracted to HighMatch’s ease of use, noting,

“Some of the other tools we looked at provided good information, but the reports were hard to read, and the information could be challenging to decipher.”

David knew straightforward, friendly reports were vital to convince managers to use the assessment. To get buy-in on HighMatch, he had UCO’s hiring managers take the assessment and shared the results with each one. Managers were amazed by the accuracy of their profiles and pleased with the readability of the reports.


Hiring right the first time

Once managers began incorporating HighMatch Assessment into their hiring process, they learned much earlier whether each candidate fit with a job’s requirements.

Rather than conduct five or six interviews over a period of weeks, managers found they could do two or three and get everything they needed to make a decision. Best of all, because they found HighMatch Assessment information to be so accurate, they were hiring team members who produced results earlier.

David now reports, “We’ve taken a huge step forward in implementing a more modern, effective process, and we’re only going to get better now that we have HighMatch as part of it.”

“We found HighMatch to be spot on. We really appreciate how easy the Job Match details are to interpret. If a candidate doesn’t fit with a particular part of the job, we can talk about that and discuss ways we can work together on any challenges.”

David Herd, Director of Compensation & Talent Acquisition

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