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Our Organizational Assessment Solution is the perfect fit for administrators, talent teams and search committees looking for actionable insights from their hiring assessment.

Non-profits, charitable and religious organizations are all finding that the traditional candidate profiles that were previously indicative of success, which leaned heavily on behavioral traits, are changing with the times. 

Today’s candidates need to be digitally savvy and be comfortable with data and analytics, while still having the personality traits that lead them towards giving back to their communities. 

We have 15+ years of experience partnering with a wide variety of organizations to help them rethink their hiring profiles and find qualified candidates. 

Over time, we have developed an understanding of the qualities that influence success in each role, and can filter candidate pipelines to ensure only qualified candidates move forward.

They Trust HighMatch:

Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations

We have partnered with non-profits and charitable organizations of all sizes on a number of roles such as: 

  • Program Manager.
  • Major Gift Director
  • Development Director
  • Social Services Director
  • Member Services Representative

Curious how our non-profit skills assessment can help your organization?

Religious Organizations

Our Religious Organization Assessment Solution is the perfect fit for administrators and search committees looking to find the right hires in roles such as:

  • Youth Pastor
  • Music Director
  • Business Administrator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Administrative Assistant

Curious how our religion administration assessment can help your organization?

“[HighMatch] has been excellent. It has made the recruitment process more efficient by cutting down on the number of applicants I interview to find the right candidate, because people who score ‘high’ job fit are great candidates.”

 Operations Coordinator, Polaris


Polaris identifies high quality candidates faster with HighMatch

Learn how HighMatch helped Polaris, a leader in the fight to eradicate modern slavery, improve their recruiter efficiency by reducing the number of phone interviews and widening the pool of highly qualified candidates.

HighMatch Organization

Assessment Solution

HighMatch Talent Insights Platform includes a highly configurable hiring assessment that’s fast, easy to implement, and measures both personality and aptitude right out of the box, as well as a fully custom solution that measures individual qualities that matter most to your organization.

Both solutions can be combined with skills assessments, either from our strategic partnership with one of the largest skills testing providers, or our native skills offerings

Combining skills testing with soft skills assessments can provide a holistic view of a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job, leading to better hiring decisions.

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‘Hiring Better’ Fact Sheet

They look great on paper, sail through the interview, only turn out to be an entirely different person when they show up for work their first day. Sound familiar?

Download our Hiring Better Fact Sheet for additional facts on the benefits of a great hire and the cascading effects of a bad hire on your organization, and learn how the right assessment solution can help you hire your next rockstar.


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