industry: Non-Profit
challenge: Better Quality Hires

Polaris Identifies High Quality Candidates Faster with HighMatch

Polaris is a leader in the fight to eradicate modern slavery. Their mission is to disrupt the human trafficking networks that rob human beings of lives and freedom.


  • Reduce the number of phone interviews
  • Identify more qualified candidates


  • Develop a custom Job Fit assessment
  • Candidates take assessment before phone interview


  • More efficient recruitment process
  • More high quality candidates from which to choose


Lengthy process to identify the best candidates

Since 2007, Polaris has identified and responded to 31,000 human trafficking cases. Candace Freeman, Polaris’ Operations Coordinator, typically recruits for 45 hotline center positions, 3 times each year.

She looks for individuals who are quick problem solvers, amiable to rules, articulate, and can stay calm under pressure. The process of evaluating 300 candidates was challenging and time consuming.

Candace was looking for a way to reduce the number of phone interviews without sacrificing the quality of candidates.


Screen candidates based on Job Fit rating

The team decided to introduce a Job Fit assessment early in the process. The hiring process begins with a brief review of resumes and cover letters. All candidates who make it past the initial review are invited to take the Berke Job Fit assessment. The assessment is customized to Polaris’ culture and to the unique traits needed to succeed at the call center.

The Job Fit Rating informs whether to conduct phone interviews. Low fit individuals are ruled out. As for medium fit individuals, Candace uses the Berke report and interview guide to better understand and tailor questions to risk factors. All high fit individuals are invited to a phone interview.


Sourcing great candidates, quicker

After introducing Berke, Candace identifies more high quality candidates, faster. She saves time, conducts better phone interviews, and ultimately places the right people in each position.

Candace has received positive feedback from hiring managers regarding the performance of the hotline advocate team members hired with Berke.

“[HighMatch] has been excellent. It has made the recruitment process more efficient by cutting down on the number of applicants I interview to find the right candidate, because people who score ‘high’ job fit are great candidates.”

Candace Freeman, Operations Coordinator

Health Choice One

Health Choice One is a different kind of insurance company.  Since 2002, they have been committed to making the health insurance buying experience positive.

  • Function/Roles: Sales
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Challenge: Better Quality Hires

Shea Properties

Shea Properties is a leader in the real estate industry because of its unique approach to transforming land into premier living, working, and shopping environments.

  • Function/Roles: Sales
  • Industry: Residential Construction
  • Challenge: Turnover Reduction

Royal Cup Coffee & Tea

Royal Cup Coffee is a premium importer, roaster and distributor of coffee with markets in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

  • Function/Roles: Sales
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Challenge: Turnover Reduction

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