Custom Reporting

Our Custom Reporting service helps you personalize your assessment reporting to include data and actionable insights on the traits that translate to success within your organization.

What is Custom Reporting? 

HighMatch’s Custom Reporting services work to further personalize custom reports for clients by allowing them to receive assessment report data on skills and traits they feel are crucial for success within their organization.

Custom reporting can also ensure your assessment content aligns with your company’s internal language to cut down on any confusion that may occur during the recruiting process.

How Custom Reporting optimizes your workplace

You know exactly what your assessments need to measure and need an assessment report that’s easy to understand, and provides relevant insights to a wide variety of stakeholders.

HighMatch enables hiring teams to ensure their custom reports are highlighting traits that are most important to stakeholders across the organization, from recruiters to the hiring manager to the department head.

How the process works

Our Services team partners with Subject Matter Experts and hiring managers to define the behavioral traits and hard skills that are most relevant to the role and the organization.

HighMatch experts then develop a measurement strategy and reporting structure that aligns with your specific needs.

Real World Scenario

You run a construction sales team and want to test candidates for traits related to outgoing behavior and for hard math skills.

So you specify these traits and skills within your custom assessment report and receive detailed data regarding candidates’ abilities within these areas each time they complete an assessment. 

This way, not only are you testing for the most important traits and skills for salespeople, but you’re also identifying the specific criteria that bring value to your organization.

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“We love how easy the test is to take. Compared to programs we have used in the past, our test takers are actually able to fill out the assessment accurately and in a timely manner.”


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