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Microsoft Word

This fast, mobile-friendly Microsoft Word assessment test is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge, specifically the domains measured by the Microsoft MO-100 Word 365/2019 Certification.

LENGTH: 36 Questions
FORMAT: Mobile Text & Images

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  • General Business


  • All Functions


  • All Job Titles

Covered Skills

  • Managing documents
  • Formatting text
  • Paragraphs and sections
  • Labels & lists
  • Graphic elements
  • Document collaboration


The test assesses a candidate’s knowledge of MS Word basic and advanced functions, and is appropriate for someone who has worked with documents for at least one year and has familiarity with the the application in business settings.


This Microsoft Word assessment test is appropriate for prospective members of all teams that use the application.

Scoring Criteria

All HighMatch Microsoft Office skills tests are rigorously tested by our in-house team of IO psychologists with a large group of professional users.

The following table lists the out-of-the-box, validated scoring criteria for the complete HighMatch Microsoft Excel Skills test (n=500). Scoring criteria can be customized to your requirements (some changes will require re-validation – talk to your HighMatch Success representative).

Scoring BucketScore RangePopulation Percentile
1.Expert82% to 100%77th to 100th (Well Above Average. Stanine 8 to 9)
2.Advanced54% to 81%60th to 76th (Above Average. Stanine 6 to 7)
3.Satisfactory34% to 53%40th to 59th (Average. Stanine 5)
4.Needs Development0% – 33%77th to 100th (Below Average. Stanine 0 to 4)

Candidate Experience

Having a great candidate experience is critical to getting both high response rates and high completion rates (the number of people who finish the test after initially starting it).

At HighMatch, response rate and completion rate are features, not goals. Which means the candidate experience is always at the forefront of everything we build.  

Our MS Office skills tests are no exception, with a suite of features geared towards ensuring the highest possible completion rates.

Features Include:

  • SMS Invitations 
  • SMS Reminders
  • Available Support
  • Short Assessments
  • Timer & Progress Bar
  • Mobile text and images
  • ADA/WGAC-2 compliance

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They Trust HighMatch

Benefits of a Microsoft Word Assessment from HighMatch include:

High Response Rates

HighMatch invitations are sent via both SMS & Email, so you can be sure they are receiving it.

Fully Customized for You

Every aspect of this test can be customized, from weighting and scoring, invitations and length.

High Completion Rates

Assessments that are built for mobile consumption have much higher completion rates.

Personalized Reporting

Stakeholders across the organization can personalize their candidate reporting via custom filters 

Insights Delivered Quickly

Get candidate reports with scores instantly by email following assessment completion.

Accessible & Inclusive

HighMatch skills tests are fully ADA/WGAC-2 compliant, insuring an inclusive hiring process.

About The Writers

This Microsoft Word assessment is a HighMatch native offering, developed by our team of expert technical writers with 20+ years of experience, including developing content directly for Microsoft. It has been rigorously tested by HighMatch’s in-house I/O psychologists and follows Microsoft’s instructional design to measure Word proficiency across five major domains and 18 different objectives.  These I-O’s specialize in the creation and delivery of legally compliant, highly predictive talent assessments and skills tests.

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What are Pre-Employment Skills Tests?

Skills tests are a critical part of any pre-employment and development assessment, providing an unbiased measurement of a participant’s ability to perform or understand a duty or technology that is an expected part of their everyday job.

Skill tests can take the form of a variety of questions surrounding tasks a person would perform in office situations, and can be answered easily by someone who has already done the job previously. Some are more immersive and require the participant to actively complete tasks inside a software program to imitate their performance capabilities in a real-life workplace.

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When used in combination with soft skills testing through personality and cognitive reasoning assessments, hiring managers can get a holistic view of a candidate or existing employee as to whether they are willing and capable of doing the job, along with a complete understanding of their relative strength in a required skill.

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Have an existing custom skills test and are looking to upgrade? Looking to create a new custom skills test aligned to the functions of a specific role?

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