How to Make a Recruiting Video

By Caroline Roberson on June 9, 2022

Video is fast becoming the dominant mode of communication for recruiters. We now spend hours on Zoom calls engaging candidates remotely, and recording interviews asynchronously so decision-makers can review them at their leisure.

But video can also be a powerful tool at the top of the funnel to connect with and engage candidates before they decide to apply. Employee experience videos are fast becoming the ad format of choice for media-savvy companies who want to connect with potential applicants in an authentic way.

Recruiting videos are also a relatively inexpensive way to promote your employer brand and give employees a voice in the hiring process. All it takes is a camera, a few enthusiastic employees, a little music, and an editor’s eye to create a video that will attract a great hire to your company’s career page. So what are you waiting for?

Better than a job post

Recruiting videos that feature employees talking about their jobs and what they love about the company can have a much bigger impact on candidates than a glitzy ad. A good employee video feels authentic and helps candidates picture themselves working in your office and being a part of your team.

A good employee video is short, genuine, unrehearsed – and can be created entirely on your iPhone. It might be a series of quick interviews with employees talking about their roles or the company culture; candidate shots of teams working together; or even a panning view of the office place, with a little music and engaging voice over recording.

While all of that sounds easy, pulling these pieces together can feel overwhelming. So here are some suggestions on how to get started.

  1. Go to the source.
    A recruitment video is meant to offer viewers a glimpse of what ‘real life’ looks like at your company. To pull this off, pick a team or division that you want to highlight and record them talking about the job responsibilities, work environment, and any observations about life at your company. If you’re spotlighting hourly, in-person workers, check with the team or shift’s supervisor to ask for volunteers. Visit them during a break and offer a coffee in exchange for a few minutes of their time. If you’re working with salaried remote workers, host a Zoom call and interview employees on a recorded call (with their permission). In either scenario, ask real employees open-ended questions about their work and company culture, such as:

    • “What’s the best part of your job?”
    • “Why do you love working here?”
    • “What advice would you offer new applicants?”

    It’s ok if some of the interviews flop, take the time to interview enough folks to capture the quotes you need to create a compelling video.

Keep it real.
This is not a place to have employees recite company platitudes or to share statistics from your engagement survey. It’s an unscripted opportunity to show the world who you are as a business. So, let people be themselves, say what they think, and share their thoughts of life in the company at the moment. Even if they stumble over a few words, their enthusiasm will shine through.

Talk to workers, not leaders.
If you are trying to attract frontline employees, that’s who you should be talking to. While a brief appearance by a manager may make your final cut, the bulk of the video should showcase the frontline team.

Keep it short.
Even if you capture hours of footage, the video should be three minutes long at the most. Every minute of content you add will translate to fewer people tuning in, so be relentless in the editing process.

Capture some B-roll.
Complement interviews with panning shots of the workplace, photos of teamwork and company celebrations, and other images that highlight your company and culture.

Pull it all together.
Editing your raw material into the final product can be the hardest part of this process. Tools like iMovie or make it easier by letting you film, edit, and produce videos directly on your mobile phone. You can also look for employees who have video editing skills or hire a service or freelance editors to cut the video and add subtitles, music, and a link back to your hiring page to make it all work.

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Once it’s ready, post the video on your recruiting page, share it with your company’s social media, and ask employees to promote it on their own social feeds. Employees will enjoy sharing clips of themselves and their friends on the job, which can be a powerful endorsement of your company culture. And the more the video is shared, the bigger its impact will be.

Unlike ads or job posts, recruiting videos that showcase real employees give candidates access to the company, and help them see how great your culture really is. That insight can help you win-over passive candidates, increase your funnel, and potentially improve the overall quality of your applicant pool.

Creating a great recruiting video takes some time, but once you’ve finished the first one, get to work on the next. Creating a series of videos highlighting employees and opportunities across the company is a great way to showcase who you are and why your company is a great place to work.

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