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Culture Fit Assessment Test

A culture fit assessment test helps organizations determine if a candidate’s core values align with company values.

Hiring for Culture Fit

When there is a culture misalignment, teamwork suffers morale drops, productivity decreases and turnover increases. 

Culture fit testing is critical during hiring, however before candidates can be assessed, the culture must be defined.

A Culture Match, performed by our workplace psychologists, defines those qualities that makes your culture unique by assessing your existing workforce and identifying trend data.

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HighMatch Culture Matches Are:

backed by science

Our team of experienced workplace psychologists use proven techniques based on decades of research to identify those core competencies that lead to organizational success.

Highly actionable

Insights from a Cultural Analysis can be used in multiple ways, from screening applicants, interviewing for cultural fit to facilitating employee coaching and development.


Getting insights into the qualities that are predictive of success at your company can help inform hiring and succession planning, and support training and development.

Assessing Culture in the Workplace

Employees whose values, preferences, and needs align with the company’s standards are more likely to be satisfied with their job, stay longer, and perform better. 

A study from the University of Iowa showed that employees whose norms and values were in line with the company’s principles had:

  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Were more committed to doing their job well
  • Stayed longer than those whose values did not align

The specific traits that determine whether a candidate is a good culture fit for your organization will depend on your company values and how it operates.

An excellent way to identify the traits your company values is to perform a Benchmark Study based on top performers who possess the attitude that leaders want to foster.

For instance, in highly collaborative organizations leaders would likely value teamwork and adaptability. Conversely, organizations that require more solitary work, may value task orientation, and resourcefulness.

They Trust HighMatch:

The HighMatch Culture Fit Assessment Test

To measure culture fit, our team of workplace psychologists partner with clients using either an Organizational Analysis or a Benchmarking Study.

The output of this research are company culture profiles that outline what levels of each value and trait, like teamwork, influence success in a role and in your organization.

Those company culture profiles can then be used to refine our Screen, Assess, Interview and Develop solutions to look for candidates and employees that are a fit.

“We have implemented [HighMatch] in our interview process, and have been able to get a much more effective read on who our candidates are and if they will fit in to our culture.


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