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HighMatch is a Talent Insights Platform used by modern hiring teams to build efficient data-driven hiring funnels, leading to faster, more informed candidate decisions.

The Current Assessment Landscape

There are a wide array of solutions in the marketplace for measuring candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive abilities and skills. And while these standardized assessments can provide insights for smaller organizations looking for a standard set of data, they simply aren’t capable of providing the custom insights enterprise talent teams need at every stage of the hiring process.

On the other side of the market sit expensive consultants and full-service assessment providers who build out long-form custom assessments that measure a particular set of qualities or skills, which may provide insights to enterprise talent teams for a time, but quickly become stale as companies and candidate preferences evolve over time.

What is a Talent Insights Platform?

A talent insights platform is a fast, client-focused approach to assessing candidates that provides unique insights at each stage of the hiring cycle, leading to more efficient talent teams, a faster hiring process, better hires who stay on the job longer and more inclusive approach to hiring.

How Does It Work?

At HighMatch, we believe our clients know best what qualities are most critical. So we give them the ability to measure those individual qualities, in their language, not ours, which increases adoption rates among hiring managers.

A custom assessment from HighMatch, developed in partnership with our Services team, measures the individual qualities aligned to a specific role and/or their company culture.

Talent teams and hiring managers can select a trait from a library of sample traits, or they can partner with our Services team to develop a custom trait. All custom assessments are delivered using our new, mobile-first Talent Insights Platform.

The HighMatch Process

Our team of psychologists and support staff engage with clients to understand the root behaviors leading to their current pain points, and identify ways to solve those challenges using a mix of technology, business acumen and science. 

We develop a solution using a holistic mix of content and services, and demonstrate how the proposed solution will measurably impact relevant KPIs and help mitigate pain points.

We deploy our services team and field our pre-employment assessments, applying predictive analytics to responses and providing objective analysis and insights from the factors collected.

We align our data use and reporting with client’s specific needs, from automated screening to helping inform interviews, and deliver insights in whatever form is preferred by clients.

Measure What Matters

You know best what traits, abilities and skills are most important. Which is why HighMatch only measures and reports on those, using your company’s language, not ours.

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Adapt as needed

Your hiring needs are constantly changing. HighMatch can be customized on-demand to widen or narrow your candidate funnel, so you never have to sacrifice quality for volume.

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Align with your talent cycle

You have a unique talent cycle. HighMatch can create a highly customized sequence of assessments and tests that deliver the insights you need, when you need them.

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