Creating New Recruit Links

By Caroline Roberson on June 23, 2022

Learn how to create links you can use for high volume assessing on job boards, career pages, and at kiosks.

Recruit Links are perfect when you need high volume assessments, but don’t need the specificity and control of a Group Invite assessment. These include (but are not limited to) your company’s career page, job board postings like Monster or Craigslist, or job fair situations where you have a high volume of applicants.

Getting started.

Log into your Berke account and go to the “Assessments” tab.

screenshot of the recruit button on the assessments tab

Locate the job you want to make a recruiting link for and locate the button to the right of the job name that reads “Recruit” and click it.

You will see a short video telling you briefly about the many uses of recruit links. Select the button above it called “Create Recruit Link” to get started.

create recruit link location

First, you will name the link. A good rule of thumb if you plan to create multiple links is to include the job name and where you plan to post the link so that it is available for use. That way when you come back to it later, you will remember exactly where it was posted and for which division or position it was intended.

Choose who you would like the hiring manager to be for this link. Hiring managers will be assigned all relevant assessments pertaining to activity on this link. You’ll be able to set what messages and options this entails later in the creation process.

Craft a custom message that participants will see when they first click the recruit link. A generic template is provided. You can opt to keep this or tweak it as needed to add things like introductions to your company or setting expectations for how the assessment will be used and followed-up on once it’s complete. A list of dynamic elements that can be inserted into the message is shown on the right.

Then, choose if you would like the participant to verify their email prior to beginning the assessment. If you are in a place like a job fair where applicants might not have the best access to their email, it is recommended you bypass email verification.

When an assessment completes, you set what the participant sees next. You can create a custom message letting them know they’ve finished and what next steps might be. You can also direct the user to a URL of your choosing; such as when there are additional steps needed.

Decide what you would like to happen with the assessment results when they are ready. You can opt to have them auto-emailed to the hiring manager you selected earlier. You can choose to have them collect in your Berke account People Tab for later reading. If you click for more options, you can set multiple email addresses to receive completed reports or you can select to send a special participant report to the taker of the assessment.

screenshot of the options for reporting

Customize your link’s URL to be more descriptive if desired and help your team and participants identify at a glance what the recruit link does.

Review all your selected options and change any as needed. Select “Create Recruit Link” when you are ready. Don’t worry if you need to change anything later. You will have the option to edit these settings at any time once the link is created.

After your link is created you will be taken to the dashboard for the link’s settings. Here, you can make any adjustments needed. You can also test out the link, email it to others, or copy it for immediate use. These settings can be reached again at any time by navigating to your Assessments Tab, locating the job title you created the link for, and clicking the button to the right of the title called “Recruit.” All of your Recruit Links for the job will be listed here and selecting “Details” from the column on the left will return you to the settings for it.

screenshot of existing recruit links

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