Updating Participant Information in Berke

By Caroline Roberson on June 23, 2022

For one reason or another, sometimes information needs to change. Need to correct a name? Discovered an email address had a typo? Want to update the hiring manager for a particular person? Read on to learn how to make the necessary changes.

First, log in to your HighMatch account to go to your People tab. Scan the list of names in the table of participants or use the search bar in the upper right above the table to find who you are looking to edit.

screenshot of names list

Once you find the participant, click on their name in the far left column. A window will open with the current information provided for that person. All fields are editable. You can change their name, phone number, email address, assigned assessment, hiring manager, and follow-up actions for what should happen after they complete the assessment. You can also reissue invitations from this screen or initiate the assessment immediately from a local machine.

screenshot of a user profile

The “Optional Settings” button in the upper right allows you to assign a unique company ID to the participant. By default, one is assigned when the user is entered into the system for the first time, but this can be changed at any time.

If you want to remove a participant entirely from all records in your account, select the “Delete” button from the upper right. You will be asked to confirm this decision before it is made permanent.

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