Using Your CATS Connector

By Caroline Roberson on June 23, 2022

A step-by-step guide to using your CATS Connector for assigning assessments to Job Orders and inviting candidates to take them.

Please note: This tutorial requires the Connector to CATS already be enabled. Please visit Enabling your CATS Connector if you have not completed this step.

To use the Connector, you must assign one or more CATS Job Orders to a Berke Assessment. Once your Job Orders are assigned to Berke, you can order assessments from your CATS Candidate view.

Getting started.

Follow these steps to use the Berke / CATS Connector:

1. Login to your CATS account.

2. Create or update a CATS Job Order. Under the “Berke” section, select the Berke Assessment to use when recruiting candidates for the Job Order. Once you assign a Berke Assessment to a Job Order, you can assess candidates in the Job Order’s Pipeline. You can assign as many Job Orders as you need to Berke.

Screenshot of assessment dropdown

3. Next, open a Candidate record and click the “Add to Job Order Pipeline” button found in the “Job Orders” section. Select the Job Order you assigned to a Berke Assessment in the prior step.

4. Once your Candidate is in a Job Order Pipeline related to a Berke Assessment, click the “Order Assessment” button found in the “Berke” section. Select the Job Order you want to use in the dropdown list, then click the “Order Assessment” button.

Screenshot of the Order Assessment button

5. When you order an assessment, Berke sends an invitation to the candidate’s email address. You can see the status of your candidate’s assessment within CATS. Berke will automatically remind your candidate every few days to complete the assessment.

6. When your candidate completes the assessment, the assessment job fit score and custom Berke report is available in the CATS Candidate record. If you ordered assessments for multiple Job Orders, you will see scores and reports for each Job Order.

Screenshot of the job fit scores

7. You can identify your top candidates by job fit score for all jobs in CATS by choosing Candidates from the menu, then selecting the “Job Order Pipelines” option from the dropdown at the top of the page. It may be necessary to add Berke scores as a column to the results. To do this, click on the sliders icon below the table, choose “Columns” and scroll through the list until you find “Berke Job Fit” and “Berke Score.” Check the boxes and click “Save” to add.

Screenshot of seeing your candidates in CATS

If you need assistance, please contact HighMatch’s Customer Success Team at

Managing the Connector.

Log into your HighMatch account and go to Settings in the upper right menu. Scroll down to Applicant Tracking and select CATS ATS to reach the configuration page if you need to reconfigure or disable your Berke / CATS Connector.

Screenshot of the Settings menu

Requesting Additional Job Profiles.

Each Berke Assessment is custom configured to help you identify the best people for your jobs. Berke can add additional job profiles to your account. If you don’t see a Berke Assessment relevant to your CATS Job Orders, you will need to log into your HighMatch account, go to your Assessments Tab, and click the “Add Assessment” button. Follow the instructions to send us the necessary information to set up your new Job Order.

Screenshot of Add Assessment button

Changing a Candidate’s email address.

When you order an assessment for a candidate, Berke sends an assessment invitation to the candidate’s email address recorded in CATS. If your candidate needs you to send the invitation to a different email address, you must cancel the assessment, then order a new assessment to send an updated assessment invitation.

Merely changing the email address in CATS will not resend an invitation to a candidate.

Invitations sent from CATS Candidate Owner

When you order an assessment, Berke sends an invitation to the candidate email address. Berke sends the invitation from the contact information in the “Owner” section of the Candidate record. To change who an invitation is from, you must change the Owner in CATS, then order the assessment. Candidate’s frequently reply to assessment invitations, so the Owner should have an active email address.

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