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Construction Super-intendent

The construction industry is booming. In order to keep up with demand, you need the right employees.

HighMatch has 15 years of experience working with homebuilders, construction companies, contractors, and developers to identify high quality candidates using our Construction Superintendent Skills profile.

What Qualities Influence Success as a Construction Superintendent

A construction superintendent is responsible for taking a project from planning to completion. He or she oversees the operations on the site and handles scheduling, supervision and ensuring safety and compliance.

Details on what personality traits and skills makes a great Superintendent are in the hiring profile. HighMatch hiring profiles define high, medium and low impact traits. The high impact traits contribute the most to hiring success. For a Construction Superintendent, spatial visualization, assertiveness, logical problem solving, and adaptability are the high impact traits.

Spatial Visualization – High

Able to visualize structures and complex systems. Can think about problems in which there are multiple variables that are changing.

Able to understand, estimate, and understand the impact of manipulating variables of distance or measurement.

Adaptability – Low

Makes leadership decisions even when they may not be popular.

They will not make concessions on issues they consider important just to satisfy others.

Logical Problem Solving – High

Ability to solve complex problems logically. Able to pull difficult issues apart to deal with the components one by one.

Assertiveness – High

Able to take control and project authority so that others will listen. Determined, persistent, and direct.

Construction Superintendent Hiring Profile

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Skills Tests

Enterprise companies have the organizational structure to support role specialization, which means most hires will have to have knowledge and experience across a number of hard skills necessary to fulfill every requirement of the role.

HighMatch helps eliminate these worries by providing skills tests that offer an unbiased measurement of your candidate’s ability to perform and understand tasks and software related to various job functions.

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HighMatch Construction

Superintendent Skills Solution

HighMatch Talent Insights Platform includes a highly configurable pre employment test that’s fast, easy to implement, and measures both personality and aptitude right out of the box, as well as a fully custom solution that measures individual qualities that matter most to your construction business.

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