Using Your Workday Connector

By Michael Harbolt on June 23, 2022

A step-by-step guide to using your Workday Connector for inviting candidates to take assessments and assigning assessments to requisitions.

Please note: This tutorial requires the Connector to Workday already be enabled. Please email the Customer Success team if you have not completed this step.

Invite candidates to take assessments

  1. Login to your company’s Workday account. If you do not know the URL, please contact your company’s HR or IT department as it is specific to each company account.
  2. By default, you will be on the Workday Home Page screen when you log in. Use any of the following methods to locate the candidate you wish to invite:
    • Use the search feature located in the left-hand icon menu to search by candidate name or the job they applied to where a list of all candidates is available.
    • If enabled in your Workday account, use the Job Recruiting Hub.
    • Click on the candidate’s name within the “Inbox” widget or the “Go to Inbox” link at the bottom of the widget for more options.
  3. Once on the candidate’s profile, click on the menu icon next to “Overall Status” and select “Perform Berke Assessment.”
  4. Below the section with “Overall Date” and “Overall Status” will be a data table with “Assessment Test” in the second column. Click the “+” icon in the upper left corner to add a new row for the assessment you wish the candidate to perform. A new row will need to be added for each assessment you wish the candidate to complete if they are applying for multiple positions.
    screenshot of assigning a Berke assessment
  5. Click the menu icon inside the empty dropdown for a list of available assessments and select one. If you do not see the assessment you require, check your requisition assignments inside your HighMatch account to make sure the job you are looking for has an assessment assigned to it.
  6. An invitation has now been sent to the email address the candidate submitted with their application that is listed on their Workday candidate profile.

Checking assessment status

To check the status of any assessment, go to a candidate’s profile page in Workday via one of the methods mentioned in step 2 of “Invite candidates to take assessment” and use the menu on the left-hand column of the profile to select “Screening.” Beneath the “Overall Status” and “Overall Date” there will be an “Assessment Test” table with all the assessments the candidate has been asked to complete and their statuses. There are four possible statuses:

  • “Perform Berke Assessment” which indicates a recruiter in Workday has decided the candidate should take an assessment
  • “Berke Assessment Invitation Sent” which confirms the Berke system has delivered an invitation to an assessment to the email on record
  • “Review Berke Assessment Results” which means the candidate has completed enough of an assessment to qualify for a score on a job assigned to them
  • “Correct Berke Assessment Problem” which usually indicates an issue such as an incorrect candidate email address or a job that has not been assigned to a requisition in your HighMatch account
screenshot of a Berke Invitation Sent status

Reviewing completed assessments

Once the candidate completes the assessment, Berke will automatically advance the candidate’s workflow status to “Complete.” You can then view their Berke results.

  1. Login to your Workday account.
  2. Navigate to the candidate’s profile page in Workday via one of the methods mentioned in step 2 of “Invite candidates to take assessment.”
  3. Select “Screening” from the menu in the left-hand column of the profile.
  4. In the “Assessment Test” data table will be a list of assessments the candidate has been asked to complete. There are several columns of information:
    • “Score” will be between 1 and 100.
      Note: If the Berke Assessment is complete and this line is blank, then the Berke Assessment is not configured to return a score.
    • “Results URL” is the URL to view the Berke Report and Interview Guide. You can click it to open a Berke report.
      Note: This link does not require a Workday or Berke login. To share the report either download the PDF and email it as an attached or copy and paste the link into an email. Anyone who receives the link can access the report (but no other reports – the link is unique).
screenshot of the Assessment Tests in the Screening section of a Candidate profile

Assign assessments to requisitions

Before you can invite anyone to take an assessment via Workday, you must first assign your job requisitions to the corresponding assessment you’d like each participant to complete. This is the only portion that will be completed inside your HighMatch account and must be completed by the account administrator within your company.

  1. Login to your Workday account.
  2. Create a new job requisition you want to use with the Berke Assessment.
  3. Login to your HighMatch account.
  4. Go to Settings in the upper right menu. Scroll down to Applicant Tracking and select “Assign Jobs” to reach the configuration page.
  5. By default, you will be shown a list of any unassigned requisitions currently in Workday. Click “Edit” to the left of the requisition’s name to select an assessment to assign to it. You can assign the same assessment to multiple requisitions. Click the “Ignore” button if you have a Workday requisition you do not want to use with the Berke Assessment. If you have a lot of unassigned jobs at any given time, you can opt to use the auto-assign rules tool to process these more rapidly in the future.
    screenshot of the requisition assignment page
  6. Select the “Save Changes” button at the bottom left of the assignment window when you are done.

Note The system regularly syncs and scans for unassigned requisitions every 15-30 minutes. If any unassigned requisitions are found during this sync, or if you do not assign a requisition to a Berke assessment beforehand and a candidate applies for the job, an email will be sent to the integration owner informing them of the job requisition and prompting them to assign it to a Berke assessment. The candidate’s status in Workday will read “Correct Berke Assessment Problem” in this case.

Workday requisitions prompt email

Resubmitting a candidate after a “Correct Berke Assessment Problem” status

The “Correct Berke Assessment Problem” status usually indicates an issue such as an incorrect candidate email address or a job that has not been assigned to a requisition in your HighMatch account. Once you have found and resolved the issue, you can resubmit the candidate for an assessment.

screenshot of the error message
  1. Login to your Workday account.
  2. Navigate to the candidate’s profile page in Workday via one of the methods mentioned in step 2 of “Invite candidates to take assessment.”
  3. You should be on the “Summary” tab of the menu in the left-hand column of the profile. Under the candidate’s name and requisition title will be an “Actions” button. Select it to open a menu of options.
    screenshot of the Actions menu
  4. Hover over “Job Application” from the choices shown and choose “Undo Move” from the actions provided. You may be asked to provide commentary on this action before it can be saved.
  5. A pop-up will appear that will allow you to initiate a new “Overall Status” for the candidate. Choose “Perform Berke Assessment” and follow the steps in the section above on “Invite candidates to take assessments” as normal.
    screenshot of the pop up window for re-initiating candidates

Workday Connector advanced settings

Administrative accounts within Berke have further advanced settings available for use. To view these options, login to your HighMatch account and go to Settings in the upper right menu. Scroll down to Applicant Tracking and select “Workday ATS” to reach the administrative settings page.

screenshot of the Berke / Workday Connector advanced settings page

Technical Contact

The Technical Contact is the person assigned to receive any error messages the system might issue such as an assessment invitation that cannot be delivered (probably due to an invalid email address) as well as any assignment alerts.

Send Usage Instructions

Use this field to enter email addresses (one per line) for anyone you’d like to send a list of instructions on how to invite candidates to Berke assessments using Workday as well as other subjects such as reviewing completed assessment results within Workday.

Configure Assessment Invitation Message

Below this is an area where you can compose your message to candidates when inviting them to take an assessment. It is designed as a template so that you can insert dynamic data tags such as the candidate’s name, manager’s name, or job title that will change according to each candidate’s application situation and add a personal touch to your message as well as build trust.

screenshot of an assessment invitation

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